§*Cadell ap Hubert
  07/11/1998  Baron Beyond the Mountain
  05/03/1997  Grant of Arms
  04/13/1996  Silver Crescent
  05/03/1997  Court Baron
  10/30/1993  Award of Arms
  10/01/1994  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  10/05/1996  Queen's Cypher (Morgen)
  06/13/1992  White Oak (BBM)
  12/03/1994  Freedom of the Bridge (Bridge)
*Cadfael ap Madog ap Dafydd
  06/13/1998  Award of Arms
Cadnar de Belasko
  02/03/2001  Award of Arms
Cadoc ap Cluiun
  10/19/1985  Award of Arms
*Cadwan Galwiddoe of Redmarch
  11/03/1989  Award of Arms
Caedwyn of the Shadows
  04/25/1978  White Oak (BBM)
Caelia Blackwolf
  06/11/2011  Burden Tyger - Lucan VIII and Jana V
  06/23/2012  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Avelina)
*Cáemgen mac Daill
  10/31/1992  Award of Arms
Caendra of Ostgardr
  10/21/1989  Maunche
  03/07/1989  Award of Arms
  04/04/1986  Seahorse (Ostgardr)
*Caera Cruitire ingen Uaithne
  06/14/2003  Award of Arms
Caerdyn Ambrosius
  05/09/1998  Tyger's Cub
Cahir Morgwyn
  10/21/1989  Award of Arms
Caias Milees
  04/03/1993  Award of Arms
Cailean of Moray
  11/30/2002  Silver Crescent
  03/22/2003  Maunche
  09/28/1991  Award of Arms
  01/31/1991  Burdened Tyger
  03/25/2000  Burdened Tyger
  02/01/2003  Burdened Tyger
Cailin Faolan
  09/16/1995  Award of Arms
*Cailin mac Eachduinn (was: Cailean MacKenzie)
  11/30/2002  Silver Crescent
  05/23/1998  Award of Arms
  11/30/2002  Terpsichore
Cailin O'Donal
  05/19/1990  Award of Arms
Caine Ramsey
  10/03/2009   Grant of Arms
  01/27/2007   Golden Rapier
  09/26/2009   Silver Crescent
  10/03/2009   Court Baron
  11/06/2004   Award of Arms
  04/12/2008   Queen's Cypher (Gabriella)
  10/03/2009   Queen's Cypher (Gabriella II)
Cainneach Mac Uilleim
  01/28/2006   Award of Arms
Cainnec of Ruantallan
  05/05/2012   Award of Arms
*Cairistiona of Dun Glas
  06/21/1980   Award of Arms
Cairn MacAllister
  03/05/2011   Pelican
  11/29/2008   Silver Crescent
  09/25/1999   Troubadour
  03/31/2001   Queen's Order of Courtesy
Cairnait inghean Broin
  06/12/2011   Fusion (Stonemarche)
Cairrena of Stonemarche
  09/30/2006   Queen's Honour of Distinction (Anna II)
Cáisín nic Annaidh, see Fujiwara no Aoi
*Angharad FitzHenry
  10/05/1996   Laurel
  08/13/2003   Pelican
  06/24/1995   Maunche
  11/25/1995   Sagittarius
  08/12/1998   Silver Crescent
  05/02/1992   Award of Arms
  11/02/1996   Moon (Carolingia)
  06/27/1999   Perseus (Carolingia)
  02/03/2001   Daystar (Carolingia)
Caitlin of Carolingia
  12/10/1983   Award of Arms
*Caitlin ni Chinneidigh
  01/24/1998   Award of Arms
*Caitlin nicCoinnich
  10/02/1976   Award of Arms
  07/27/1981   Pillar (Bridge)
§*Caitlin Davies
  01/15/1994   Pelican
  01/25/1992   Silver Crescent
  09/12/1998   Court Baroness
  10/07/1989   Award of Arms
  06/19/2010   Queen's Order of Courtesy
  10/05/1996   Queen's Cypher (Morgen)
  04/02/2005   King's Cypher (Thorson)
  01/26/1991   Daystar (Carolingia)
  03/02/1991   Freedom of the Bridge (Bridge)
  12/04/2004   Moon (Carolingia)
  01/08/2005   Augmentation of Arms
  04/05/1997   Queen's Honour of Distinction (Elspeth)
  04/12/2008   Tyger of the East
*Caitlin Fraser
  06/19/2004   Baroness of Smoking Rocks
  06/19/2004   Grant of Arms
  06/19/2010   Court Baroness
  04/14/2007   Maunche
  06/20/2009   Silver Crescent
  11/28/1992   Award of Arms
  04/05/1997   Queen's Honour of Distinction (Moruadh)
  06/19/2010   Leviathan
Caitlin Longstrider, see*Engraçia de Madrigal
Caitlin ni Padraig
  11/27/1993   Award of Arms
*Caitlin Ó hAodha
  04/04/1998   Countess
  04/05/1997   Pelican
  04/04/1998   Rose
  02/27/1993   Grant of Arms
  06/04/1994   Silver Crescent
  02/27/1993   Court Baroness
  09/10/1983   Award of Arms
  10/01/1994   Burdened Tyger
  09/24/1994   Queen's Order of Courtesy
  10/01/1994   Queen's Cypher (Jana)
  04/05/1997   Queen's Cypher (Elspeth)
  04/12/2003   King's Cypher (Andreas II)
  07/21/2001   Queen's Honour of Distinction (Olivia)
  12/05/1992   Pillar of the Bridge (Bridge)
*Caitlin Sorcha O'Doghartie
  08/16/2006   Laurel
  04/13/1996   Maunche
  09/30/1995   Award of Arms
Caitlin Mackenzie
  08/07/2008   Award of Arms
Caitlin Tredheves au Pen an Glas

  07/10/2010   Award of Arms
Caitlyn McKenzie, see *Cateline la Broderesse
Caitlyne (of Concordia)
  04/03/1993   Award of Arms
*Caitrin Maura Gordon
  04/06/1991   Maunche
  09/19/1987   Award of Arms
  04/15/1989   Queen's Cypher (Katherine)
*Caitrina Gordon (called Katya)
  06/25/2011   Silver Crescent
  04/27/2002   Award of Arms
  09/13/2003   Burdened Tyger
  03/26/2011   Burdened Tyger
  07/09/2011   Duck (Iron Bog)
  09/29/2012   Sable Compass (Iron Bog)
  09/29/2012   Duck (Iron Bog)
Caitriona Bennett inghean Niall (was: Meredith de Witte)
  09/11/2004   Award of Arms
  09/13/1997   Tygers Cub
*Caitriona MacDuff (aka: *Catriona Mairghread nic Dhuibh of Moray)
  08/19/1993   Laurel
  08/18/2004   Pelican
  07/25/1992   Maunche
  09/19/1998   Silver Crescent
  01/14/2006   Court Baroness
  12/08/1990   Award of Arms
  04/04/1998   King's Order of Excellence
  07/26/2003   Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/??/2001   Silver Feather (An Dubhaigeainn)
  03/??/2002   Sea Star (Ostgardr)
*Caitriona Meehan
  07/15/1995   Award of Arms
  10/04/1998   Millstone (Stonemarche)
Caitriona of Greenwood Isle (was: Caitriona ingen Rois)
  01/28/2006   Award of Arms
  12/01/2007   Daystar (Carolingia)
Caius Marius Germanicus
  04/22/2006   Rock (Smoking Rocks)
Caleb the Woodpecker
  07/04/2009   Grant of Arms
  07/04/2009   Award of Arms
Caliban Kerr   08/15/2005  Award of Arms
Calius y Casgen Borloys

  01/29/1994  Award of Arms
Calla of Malagentia
  04/01/2000  Award of Arms
Callahan du McLean
  12/05/1981  Award of Arms
*Calogero Urso
  02/10/2001  Award of Arms
  03/04/2006  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  12/15/2007  Burdened Tyger
  06/04/2005  Salamander (Bhakail)
  12/15/2007  Horse (Bhakail)
Calron Redwolf
  05/30/1992  Princess's Order of Courtesy
*Calum Creachadair
  08/18/1988  Award of Arms
  03/15/1986  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
  07/26/1986  Ivory Tower (Settmour Swamp)
*Calum Friseal
  02/02/2002  Sagittarius
  08/??/1995  Award of Arms
  09/01/2001  Millstone (Stonemarche)
Calum MacKay
  07/18/1998  Award of Arms
  09/16/2000  Burdened Tyger
*Calum Ó Moráin
  06/10/1995  Award of Arms
Sir Cameron, see Valerius Fidelis Camerinus
Cameron Rose
06/30/2007  Award of Arms
  06/11/2011  Chiffre du Baron (Havre des Glaces)
Camilla Brigida di Bruno - Dragon Lily
  09/18/2010  Silver Crescent
 11/29/2008  Golden Lyre
*Camilla Ginevra di Capri

  08/15/1992  Laurel
  04/04/1992  Grant of Arms
  05/07/1988  Maunche
  03/10/1990  Silver Crescent
  04/04/1992  Court Baroness
  06/18/1983  Award of Arms
  04/06/1991  Queen's Cypher (Elaina)
Camilla Nightingale
  07/17/2004  Award of Arms
Camille des Jardins
  02/05/2011 Companion fo the Maunche
  07/15/2006  Award of Arms
  04/10/2010  Silver Rapier
  04/10/2010  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Brenwen II)
*Camma an Daraich
  08/13/2003  Laurel
  04/13/1996  Sagittarius
  11/07/1998  Maunche
  07/24/1993  Award of Arms
  09/11/1993  White Oak (BBM)
 Camron MacAuley
 06/12/2011  Furison (Stonemarche)
*Cananan MacGrath
  07/24/1993  Award of Arms
Canus Michaelius Bal'Annderon
  11/05/1988  Award of Arms
  12/13/1986  White Oak (BBM)
*Caobhain O Suilleabhain
  10/27/1979  Award of Arms
Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain (was: ni Kinnon)
  04/14/2007  Grant of Arms
  04/14/2007  Court Baroness
  01/03/2004  Award of Arms
  01/27/2007  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  10/01/2011  King's Cypher (Lucan VIII)
  10/13/2012  King's Cypher (Kenrick)
  10/13/2012  Queen's Cypher (Avelina)
Caoilinn Buchanon
  07/17/2004  Award of Arms
Caorunn of Inverness, called Rowan
03/29/2008  Award of Arms
Cara ni Cheallaigh

  03/20/1999  Award of Arms
  10/28/2000  Troubadour
*Cara Silverwolf
  05/11/1991  Award of Arms
Caradog Ó Broin
  07/04/2009  Silver Rapier
Caradwg ap Taidhgen
03/25/2006  Award of Arms
Cariadoc (of Northern Outpost)

  11/06/1999  Tygers Cub
*Carlin of Eastwood
  05/02/1998  Award of Arms
 Cramine the Oud Player
  08/10/2011  Award of Arms
Carol Bair, see Fabrisse of Owlsherst
Carolina of the Keep By the Endless Sea
03/29/2008  Award of Arms
*Caroline of Burgundy

  05/21/1994  Award of Arms
Carolyn of House Valkyrie
  07/26/2003  Tygers Cub
Carolyne de la Pointe
  09/27/2003  Laurel
  11/05/2011  Pelican
  07/20/2002  Maunche
  01/26/2008  Silver Crescent
  07/21/2001  Award of Arms
  04/02/2011  Queen's Order of Courtesy (Aikaterine II)
  04/12/2003  Golden Lyre
  09/24/2005  Queen's Cypher (Geneviere II)
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana IV)
   04/07/2012  King's Cypher (Gregor III)
*Caranwyn Silveroak (called Carowyn)
  02/05/2005  Maunche
  05/09/1998  Award of Arms
  02/24/2007  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  02/05/2005  Golden Tyger
  09/24/2005  Queen's Honour of Distinction
  04/10/2010  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Brenwen II)
Carrie Tarr
  06/15/2002  Tygers Cub
*Caryl de Trecesson
  12/11/2004  Laurel
  01/05/1983  Maunche
  07/20/2002  Silver Crescent
  06/10/1978  Award of Arms
  10/10/1978  Moon (Carolingia)
  02/21/1987  Daystar (Carolingia)
  01/25/1997  Queen's Honour of Distinction
*Casimir Sarkastyczny

  09/09/1995  Award of Arms
Casmir of Bergental
  08/18/2005  Award of Arms
*Cassair ní Dheoráin

  11/21/1998  Award of Arms
Cassandra Ai'anaos, see *Kassandra Aiantide
Cassandra Grey of Lochleven
  04/14/2012  Silver Crescent
Cassandra of An Dubhaigeainn
  07/06/2002  Award of Arms
*Cassandra of Beth'lem
  03/08/1975  Silver Crescent
  01/07/1978  Court Baroness
  04/20/1974  Award of Arms
  01/22/2000  Seahorse (Ostgardr)
*Cassandra Böll von Bayer
  04/27/1991  Grant of Arms
  04/10/1982  Silver Crescent
  06/14/2003  Maunche
  04/27/1991  Court Baroness
  04/04/1981  Award of Arms
  12/05/1981  Burdened Tyger
  02/09/2002  Daystar (Carolingia)
  10/02/2004  Queen's Honour of Distinction
  05/08/2011  Moon (Carolingia)
*Cassandra of the East Winds
  11/14/1981  Award of Arms
  06/07/2008  White Oak (BBM)
*Cassandra Grey of Loch Leven
  07/14/2007  Maunche
  09/25/2010  Grant of Arms
  10/27/2001  Award of Arms
  09/25/2010  Court Barony
  04/02/2011  Seamstress to the Crown  (Aikaterine II)
Cassandra Hobbes
06/12/2010  Furison (Stonemarche)
*Cassandra of Kendal

  01/04/1992  Award of Arms
Cassandra de Matise was  Cassandra Matis
  08/08/2007  Award of Arms
  05/27/2007  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
  03/24/2012  Ivory Tower (Settmour Swamp)
Cassandra Michelle MacShea
  03/11/2000  Tygers Cub
Cassandra de Monserrat
  03/05/2005  Tygers Cub
*Cassandra la Sable, aka Morrigan deWinter

  01/02/1988  Pelican (Outlands)
  07/31/1993  Gilded Leaf (Outlands)
  05/27/1984  Stag's Tynes (Atenveldt)
  05/30/1987  Stag's Heart (Outlands)
  01/09/1982  Award of Arms (Atenveldt)
  11/02/1991  Cordon Royale (Irel, Outlands)
  04/28/1984  Queen's Grace (Trude, Atenveldt)
  01/14/1984  Scales of Dragonsspine (Dragonsspine, Atenveldt)
  09/01/1984  Aspen of Caerthe (Caerthe, Atenveldt)
§Cassandra Seer
  10/01/1994  Award of Arms
Cassandra Starrswife
  09/12/1992  White Oak (BBM)
Cassandra Tedesco

  09/29/1984  Award of Arms
Cassandra of the Wandering Dragons
  08/17/1995  Award of Arms
Cassell di Fiorenza
  02/20/1982  Award of Arms
Cassiella di Sai Octobre
  03/27/1999  Award of Arms
Cassiodoric Scibulus
  01/23/1982  Award of Arms
Cat of Lennox
  07/15/2006  Award of Arms
Catalean von der Haak

  03/??/1992  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
*Catalina d'Orieux (Catalina Maria d'Oro)
  06/03/2006  Maunche
  11/20/1993  Award of Arms
  02/03/2001  Burdened Tyger
Catarina di Venezia
  04/12/2003  Award of Arms
*Cateline la Broderesse
  11/03/2001  Grant of Arms
  11/03/2001  Court Baroness
  07/26/2003  Maunche
  09/26/1998  Award of Arms
  09/28/2002  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  11/23/2002  Golden Lyre
  04/08/2000  Queen's Cypher (Marieke II)
  04/12/2003  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Isabella II)
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana IV)
  04/10/2010  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Brenwen II)
  02/05/2005  Golden Tyger
  04/02/2011  Queen's Cypher (Aikaterine II)
  08/08/2012  Seamstress to the Princess Royal
*Cateline de la Mor la Souriete
  06/09/1990  Laurel (Trimaris)
  10/29/1988  Silver Trident (Trimaris)
  10/29/1988  Grant of Arms (Trimaris)
  09/05/1992  Trade Winds (Trimaris)
  06/25/1994  Argent Scales (Trimaris)
  04/08/1989  Wyvern's Claw (Wyvernwood, Trimaris)
  03/23/1985  Award of Arms (Trimaris)
  01/25/1986  Emerald Seas (Trimaris)
  01/17/1987  Argent Estoile (Trimaris)
  01/19/1991  Herald's Tressure (Trimaris)
  01/10/1988  Wyvern's Scale (Wyvernwood, Trimaris)
Caterina della Rosa
  09/16/2000  Tygers Cub
*Caterina Gioacchini (Kasia One-sleeve)
  01/13/2001  Maunche
  11/23/1996  Award of Arms
  02/05/2005  Golden Tyger
  03/24/2012  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
Caterina d'Obidos
  05/08/1993  Award of Arms
*Caterine Ganivre Martin
  11/19/1988  Award of Arms
  01/23/1988  Yale (Dragonship Haven)
Catherina Alexandre Anastasia Titania Stark
  07/06/2002  Award of Arms
  02/13/1982  Award of Arms
*Catherine de Bellefleur
  01/12/1980  Award of Arms
Catherine of Contrada della Selva
  11/17/2007  Award of Arms
Catherine Des Deux Pays

  10/07/1989  Award of Arms
*Catherine Ecceles
  02/29/1992  Award of Arms
*Catherine du Fay
  09/21/1996  Maunche
  08/16/1985  Award of Arms
  04/11/1987  Troubadour
  04/11/1987  Terpsichore
  02/12/2000  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  ??/??/1986  Yale (Dragonship Haven)
  03/07/1987  Hawks Bell (Dragonship Haven)
Catherine Greene
  01/30/2010  Silver Crescent
  10/20/2007  Award of Arms
  04/11/2009  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Alethea)
*Catherine Montague (the Muse)
  12/05/1981  Award of Arms
*Catherine Peacock
  02/02/2002  Silver Crescent
  02/01/1997  Award of Arms
  04/01/2000  Burdened Tyger
  02/02/2002  Burdened Tyger
  02/01/2003  Burdened Tyger
  09/05/1999  Millstone (Stonemarche) 
*Catherine of Rosedale
  01/11/2003  Award of Arms
Catherine de Sant Marti - see Katherine atte Wyshe  (was: *Katryne Blak)
  06/06/2009  Silver Crescent
  03/06/2004  Award of Arms
  09/24/2005  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/11/2009  Queen's Cypher (Alethea)
  04/12/2008  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Gabriella)
  09/26/2009  Burdened Tyger
  10/03/2009  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Gabriella II)
  08/02/2009  Sable Martlet (Iron Bog)
Catherine of Sud degli Alpi
  04/28/1984  Tygers Cub
*Catherine of Wessex
  09/28/1985  Award of Arms
*Catherne Giselasdottir
  01/10/1987  Award of Arms
*Catheryn Shadwell
  06/25/2011  Laurel w/Patent of Arms
  09/13/2003  Grant of Arms
  07/23/2005  Maunche
  09/13/2003  Court Baroness
  09/14/2002  Award of Arms
  02/22/2003  Golden Lyre
  02/05/2005  Golden Tyger
  09/11/2004  Queen's Cypher (Geneviere)
  02/11/2011  Queen's A&S Champion
*Cathleen of Greystones
  08/12/1998  Silver Crescent
  11/25/2000  Maunche
  09/28/1991  Award of Arms
  09/05/1993  Iceburg (Ruantallan)
Cathrine de Monserrat
  05/04/2002  Award of Arms
Catlin nic Bryan of Sterlynge Vayle
  12/20/1989  Award of Arms
Catlin von Drachenklaue, see Constantinius von Drachenklaue
Catorina da Tamarina
  04/01/2000  Award of Arms
*Catriana le Fey of Airley
  05/01/2004  Award of Arms
*Catrin o'r Rhyd Fôr

  04/13/1996  Laurel
  06/21/2003  Pelican
  02/27/1993  Maunche
  02/05/2000  Silver Crescent
  01/06/1990  Award of Arms
  04/27/1991  Moon (Carolingia)
  02/27/1993  Daystar (Carolingia)
Catrina ab Aqua
  12/09/2000  Award of Arms
*Catriona Cattanach of Clan Macpherson
  06/18/1988  Award of Arms
  05/30/1988  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
Catriona Leslie of Dunidr
  08/01/1987  Award of Arms
Catriona MacLeod
  09/30/2000  Laurel
  08/12/1998  Maunche
  05/09/1987  Award of Arms
  05/23/1992  Burdened Tyger
  08/16/2000  Burdened Tyger
  04/27/2002  Burdened Tyger
*Catriona of Downpatrick
  09/07/1996  Award of Arms
*Catriona nic Pharlain
  10/20/1996  Award of Arms
Catriona inghean Sheamuis
  02/21/2009  Award of Arms
08/03/2008  Sable Martlet (Iron Bog)
   01/21/2012  Sable Compass (Iron Bog)
Catrionna McFhearson
  11/26/2005  Award of Arms
*Caw ap Rhys

  05/27/1989  Award of Arms  
Cealach O'Gribhean
  10/30/1993  White Oak (BBM)
*Ceara MacKiernan of Arundel

  10/09/1993  Award of Arms
  03/??/1990  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
*Cearnach of Stonemarche
  09/17/1994  Award of Arms
*Ceawlin Ealhreding
  08/16/2004  Tygers Combattant
  10/07/1989  Award of Arms
09/24/2005  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  05/05/1990  Pillar of the Bridge (Bridge)
  06/26/2004  Rock (Smoking Rocks)
  04/??/2000  Order of St. Roche (Stierbach, Atlantia)
Cecelia of Bhakail
  01/11/2003  Award of Arms
*Cecelia Erwyn of Etterick
  10/21/1989  Award of Arms
 Cecelia Constanza de Castellon
  12/14/1991  White Oak (BBM)
Cecelia von dem Morgenrote
  03/22/1997  Award of Arms
Cecil de Fernworth
  05/21/1988  Award of Arms
*Cecilia Attewode
  11/30/2002  Award of Arms
*Cecilia di Firenze
  12/28/1991  Award of Arms
Cecilia of Great Swamp
  09/09/1995  Award of Arms
Cecilia Leonor di Galiona
  05/03/1997  Award of Arms
Cecily of Middleham
  10/28/1978  Award of Arms
*Cedric of Armorica
 08/10/2012  order of  the Chivalry w/Patent of Arms
 03/29/2008  Grant of Arms
  04/30/1994  Tygers Combattant
  04/17/2010  Silver Crescent
  03/09/1996  Golden Alce
  03/29/2008  Court Baron
  05/28/1988  Award of Arms
  09/28/2002  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Roxane)
Cedric von Anderlecht
  04/01/1995  Award of Arms
Cedric of Lochleven
  10/27/2001  Award of Arms
Cedric MacDougalls
  06/11/1994  Award of Arms
*Cedric MacShannachan
  01/07/1989  Award of Arms
*Cedric of Thanet
  01/29/2011  Laurel
  09/08/1990  Knight (Atlantia)
  09/10/1988  Sea Stag (Atlantia)
  05/17/2003  Tygers Combattant
  01/26/2008  Maunche
  10/27/1984  Award of Arms (Atlantia)
Cedric of Wessex Manor
  09/19/1987  Award of Arms
*Cei Wiclif of Haewengraes
  01/12/1980  Award of Arms (AnTir)
  04/11/1987  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/11/1987  Troubadour
  12/02/1984  Freedom of the Bridge (Bridge)
  07/??/1985  Yale (Dragonship Haven)
  04/12/1986  Sun and Soil (BBM)
*Ceinwen ferch Llewelyn ab Owain
  05/22/2004  Keystone (AEthelmearc)
  06/12/1999  Award of Arms (AEthelmearc)
  05/20/2000  Comet Or (BMDL, AEthelmearc)
  05/19/2001  Comet Vert (BMDL, AEthelmearc)
  04/03/2004  Green Comet (BMDL, AEthelmearc)
  02/05/2005  Golden Tyger
Celanise Margaretta of Greyledge
  07/04/1998  Award of Arms
  06/25/2011  Award of Arms
*Céleste le Mercier
  01/29/2011  Silver Crescent
  04/10/1999  Award of Arms
  06/11/2011  Burden Tyger - Lucan VIII and Jana V
Celestin Emilia Vaclava
  09/24/1994  Award of Arms
Celestina Pompeii Arcadia
  03/25/2006  Award of Arms
Celia (of Eisental)

  07/26/2003  Award of Arms
Celia van Het Verloren Eiland
  11/30/2002  Tygers Cub
Celina de los Rizados
  06/12/1999  Award of Arms
Celine a Bheithir
  08/13/1998  Award of Arms
*Céline d'Alisandre
  04/25/1998  Award of Arms
*Céline Elisabeth de Meaux
  03/05/1994  Award of Arms
  Cellach Dhonn Inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh
  08/25/2012  Award of Arms
Cellach ingen Chernaig
  04/22/2006  Laurel
  01/11/2003  Maunche
  07/18/2009  Silver Crescent
  03/27/2010  Court Baroness
  10/07/2000  Award of Arms
  06/15/2002  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Roxane)
  09/27/2008  Queen's Cypher (Brenwen)
  10/03/2009  Queen's Cypher (Gabriella II)
  04/10/2010  Queen's Cypher (Brenwen II)
  08/13/2004  Salamander (Bhakail)
  12/15/2007  Award of the Harlequin (Bhakail)
  09/28/2002  Golden Lyre
  01/11/2003  Golden Lyre
  03/01/2003  Golden Lyre
  05/01/2011   Chime (Corillion)
*Cellach Mac Faoitigh (aka: Kayleigh McWhyte)
  06/23/2007  Laurel
  04/01/2006  Maunche
  09/30/2006  Silver Crescent
  08/15/2001  Award of Arms
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Yana IV)
  04/12/2008  Queen's Cypher (Gabriella)
  04/02/2011  King's Cypher (Gryffith II)
  11/06/2010  White Oak (BBM)
  06/??/2003   Silver Feather (An Dubhaigeann)
  05/01/2011  Fish (Carillion)
  05/01/2011  Horse's Head
*Celyn ap Llewelyn
  09/20/1998  Silver Crescent
*Celynen of Stow-on-the-Wold
  03/21/1992  Award of Arms
*Cenwulf Bearwes
  02/02/2002  Master of the Pelican
  01/29/2005  Master of the Laurel
  04/08/2000  Grant of Arms
  08/16/1990  Silver Crescent
  04/11/1992  Court Baron
  04/05/1997  Maunche
  11/11/1989  Award of Arms
  05/18/1991  Burdened Tyger
  04/08/2000  Queen's Cypher (Marieke II)
*Cenwulf Godfyrht
  03/20/1988  Knight (West)
  05/06/1986  Rose Leaf (West)
  09/26/1987  Leaf of Merit (West)
  12/05/1981  Award of Arms
  08/22/1988  Dolphin (West)
*Cerdic the Bull
  05/08/1999  Award of Arms
*Cerdic ó Cuileamhaim
  07/23/1994  Dragon's Heart (Middle)
  06/21/1986  Purple Fret (Middle)
  04/13/1985  Award of Arms (Middle)
*Cerdic of Colbridge
  06/19/2004  Baron of Smoking Rocks
  06/19/2004  Grant of Arms
  06/19/2010  Court Baron
  10/09/2004  Silver Crescent
  11/28/1992  Award of Arms
  08/16/1996  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  12/05/1992  Freedom of the Bridge
  06/09/2010  Leviathan (Smoking Rocks)
Ceredwin of Fennbrycg
  04/20/1991  Award of Arms
Ceredwynn Breudon
  11/11/1989  White Oak (BBM)
Ceri of Caaerfrybdin
  02/01/1997  Award of Arms
*Ceridwen ferch Cynddelw ap Tanno Gwynedd
  11/10/1990  Award of Arms
*Ceridwen ferch Gruffudd
  01/04/1992  Award of Arms
  12/05/1992  Salamander (Bhakail)
Cerridwen Paxton
  11/21/1992  Award of Arms
  04/09/1994  Queen's Cypher (Christence)
Cerridwen Thorsteinsdóttir MacGillivray, see Valeria Laskaris
Cerridywn O'Doul
  07/25/1998  Award of Arms
  06/17/1989  Award of Arms
*Cett Donegal
  03/25/2006  Master of the Laurel
  07/24/2004  Maunche
  07/23/2005  Tygers Combattant
  06/15/2002  Award of Arms
  09/11/2004  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Geneviere)
  09/24/2005  Foreign Tyger
  Cezilia Reposa
   04/07/2012  Award of Arms
  09/25/2010  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Marguerite)
Chaim Elihu ben Moshe
  02/10/1973  Award of Arms
  02/10/1973  Free Griffin (Carolingia)
Chaise the Rus
  11/07/1987  Award of Arms
Chamberlain Dubh Sidhe
  01/27/2001  Award of Arms
  03/06/2004  Troubadour
*Chardonne de Lyon
06/07/2008  Award of Arms
  06/03/2006  White Oak (Beyond the Mountain)
Charele of Rusted Woodlands

  09/26/1998  Award of Arms
*Charis Accipiter
  02/29/1992  Award of Arms
  06/06/2009  Burdened Tyger
  11/19/2011  Burdened Tyger
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana IV)
  Charis Olynthia
  05/19/2012  Award of Arms
*Charles of Giggleswick
  06/14/2003  Award of Arms
*Charles Jameson of Hertfordshire
  12/08/1990  Queen's Order of Courtesy
Charles the Marcher
  06/26/1982  Grant of Arms
  06/26/1982  Court Baron
*Charles Philippe Castlemore de Cadours
  10/10/1987  Maunche
  01/31/2004  Golden Rapier
  10/20/1984  Award of Arms
  05/26/1985  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  03/26/1988  Guardsman
Charles Raven
  09/30/2000  Award of Arms
Charles of Rusted Woodlands
  11/19/1994  Tygers Cub
Charles the Indecisive
  11/27/1993  Tygers Cub
Charles Zanos
  02/03/2001  Award of Arms
  02/03/2001  Burdened Tyger
*Charles the Zealous
  03/20/1982  Award of Arms
  09/18/1982  Windmill (Delftwood)
Charles von Drachenklaue
  08/13/1998  Award of Arms
Charlton du Rill
  07/15/1989  Award of Arms
Cherron of Wolffe
  06/25/1988  Award of Arms
Chiara Lucia di Nicolla
  03/20/2004  Silver Crescent
  01/11/2003  Award of Arms
Chiara di Marte da Venezia
07/14/2007  Award of Arms
*Chiara da Montepulciano

  07/03/1999  Award of Arms
  12/11/2004  Maunche
  08/14/2002  Orion (Ealdormere)
  05/28/2006  Troubadour
  09/30/2006  Golden Tyger
*Chiara of Ravenna
  08/16/1996  Laurel
  03/26/2005  Pelican
  07/18/1992  Maunche
  02/05/2000  Silver Crescent
  01/19/1991  Award of Arms
  09/16/2000  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/12/2003  Golden Lyre
  04/30/1994  Millstone (Stonemarche)
Chiarina the Wise
  09/13/2008  Award of Arms
Chiron of Thessaly

  06/18/1983  Award of Arms
  03/26/1983  Red Comet (BMDL)
*Chlotivert der Affe
  06/18/1988  Award of Arms
  05/30/1988  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
Choeyjam Poenpo
  11/13/1993  Award of Arms
Chou Fei Hong
  05/24/2003  Award of Arms
*Chrétien de Mont Blanc
  10/15/1988  Award of Arms
Christelle of Devonshire
  09/30/2000  Award of Arms
*Christence Heiseler
  04/01/1995  Duchess
  04/09/1994  Countess
  04/09/1994  Rose
  05/09/2009  Pelican
  10/05/1996  Maunche
  11/21/1992  Award of Arms
  10/02/2004  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  09/24/2005  Queen's Cypher (Geneviere II)
  09/29/2007  Queen's Cypher (Aikaterine)
  03/29/2008  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Gabriella)
  03/05/2005  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
*Christian Cnox
  08/15/2006  Knight
  10/01/1994  Tygers Combattant
  06/04/1994  Award of Arms
Christian Dupuy
  05/18/1996  Award of Arms
*Christian von Jaueregk
  02/01/2003  Master of the Laurel
  09/12/1998  Maunche
  01/27/2007  Golden Rapier
  05/21/1994  Award of Arms
  06/24/1995  Troubadour
  12/19/1998  Daystar (Carolingia)
  01/13/2007  Perseus (Carolingia)
  04/12/2003  Golden Lyre
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana IV)
*Christian Wolfe of Edinburgh
  02/01/2003  Silver Crescent
  08/14/2003  Golden Rapier
  04/12/1997  Award of Arms
Christiana di Michele
  01/13/1996  Award of Arms
Christianna della Septemtrionsylvia
  05/02/1981  Court Baroness (Middle)
  01/10/1981  Willow (Middle)
  05/29/1977  Award of Arms (Middle)
  12/05/1981  Burdened Tyger
*Christina Elisabeth (Christina Elisabeth Spicewell)
  02/03/2001  Award of Arms
  06/12/2005  Millstone (Stonemarche)
  02/01/2003  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Isabella II)
*Cristina d'Este
  09/30/2006  Award of Arms
Christina Eulalia of Toledo

  04/25/1998  Award of Arms
Christina of House Blackwood
  11/25/2000  Tygers Cub
Christine of Dragon Dormant
  03/05/2005  Award of Arms
Christine du Pont

  06/08/2002  Award of Arms
*Christine McDavid
  02/22/2003  Award of Arms
*Christof Imbach
  02/16/1991  Award of Arms
*Christofer Hoyland the Embarassable
  02/03/1990  Award of Arms
§Christoff of Eisental
  04/28/2001  Award of Arms
*Christoffel d'Allaines-sur-Comte
  06/24/2000  Award of Arms
  04/10/2004  Company of St. Martin (Dragonship Haven)
  05/19/2012  Order of  the Sun ans Soil (Barony Beyond the Mountain)
Christofo of Caer Adamant
  10/09/2004  Award of Arms
Christoph the Clockwork - see Cristoff Glocherean von Loch
Christophe de Beaugency
  04/18/1998  Award of Arms
Christophe de Frisell
  07/04/1998  Award of Arms
Christophe le Jeune
  04/10/1999  Award of Arms
  06/07/2008  Sun and Soil
Christopher of Anglespur
  11/11/2006  Award of Arms
  06/27/2009  Friend of Concordia
*Christopher Calhoune
  04/30/2005  Maunche
  04/26/2003  Award of Arms
  03/18/2006  Burdened Tyger
  11/11/2006  Silver Compass (Iron Bog)
  02/21/2009  Silver Martlet (Iron Bog)
*Christopher Darras
  01/10/1981  Master of the Laurel (Middle)
  03/10/1990  Silver Crescent
  05/29/1977  Willow (Middle)
  ??/??/1976  Award of Arms
  03/26/1983  Terpsichore
  ??/??/1975  White Wolf (North Woods, Mid)
  Christopher de Planchette
  10/23/2010  Award of Arms
Christopher of the Fields
  10/09/1976  Maunche
  04/24/1976  Award of Arms
  12/06/1975  Moon (Carolingia)
*Christopher of Haslingden
  10/30/1993  Award of Arms
  12/03/1994  Pillar of the Bridge (Bridge)
Christopher Hughes
  01/08/2000  Award of Arms
*Christopher Jameson
  10/08/1994  Award of Arms (Atenveldt)
  08/24/1996  Gilded Heart of Ered Sul (Atenveldt)
  12/06/2003  Harlequin (Bhakail)
Christopher Michael
  08/19/1995  Tygers Cub
Christopher Michaelson
  12/04/2010  Tygers Cub

Christopher Serpentius
  04/01/2006  Grant of Arms
  04/01/2006  Court Baron
  04/02/2005  Award of Arms
  03/23/2002  Tygers Cub
  05/12/2007  Order of Gawain
*Christos di Cherubino
 09/10/2011  Laurel w/Patent of Arms
 04/12/2003  Grant of Arms
  08/17/2005  Maunche
  04/12/2003  Court Baron
  04/21/2001  Award of Arms
  02/20/2010  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/12/2003  Queen's Cypher (Isabella II)
  04/12/2003  King's Cypher (Andreas II)
  04/12/2008  Queen's Cypher (Gabriella)
  04/12/2008  King's Cypher (Andreas III)
  10/03/2009  Queen's Cypher (Gabriella II)
  10/03/2009  King's Cypher (Andreas IV)
  10/01/2011  Seamstress to the Crown
*Chritophre Cynwyd
  09/26/1981  Knight (Middle)
  04/26/1980  Iren Fyrd (Calontir)
  09/26/1985  Iren Hirth (Calontir)
  02/25/1979  Award of Arms (Middle)
Chryseis Andromache
  11/08/1997  Award of Arms
*Chrysogon Renwald
  01/21/1989  Award of Arms
*Chrysogon Thunderbright
  11/06/1982  Award of Arms
*Chyldeluve de Norfolk
  11/03/2007  Award of Arms
Cian ua'Lochan
  04/24/1999  Award of Arms
Cian Dreamaker Cuchullain
  09/12/1987  Award of Arms
  10/10/1987  Burdened Tyger
*Cian Mac Fhearghuis
  07/26/2003  Award of Arms
  08/10/2010  Seahorse (Ostgardr)
*Ciana da Vizzi
  11/15/2003  Award of Arms
  07/14/2007  Terpsichore
Ciar, called Athena
 08/06/2009  Award of Arms
Ciara (of Dragonship Haven)

  06/24/2000  Award of Arms
Ciara ni Nelligan
  05/08/1999  Award of Arms
  ??/??/2011  Ordre du Pelerin (Havres des Glaces)
*Ciarán mac Cionaith
  02/16/2002  Award of Arms
  09/30/2006  Terpsichore
*Ciarán mac Gáeth (called Kyrnn Wyndsong)
06/21/2008  Award of Arms
Ciaran MacLeod of Frosted Hills
  04/11/2009  Award of Arms
 Ciaran O Tarpa
  01/21/2012  Award of Arms
*Ciaran Tison
  04/28/1990  Award of Arms
  05/10/1997  Queen's Order of Courtesy
*Ciarnait ighean Bhroin
  02/01/2003  Award of Arms
Ciarnit Longstrider
07/17/1999  Millstone (Stonemarche)
Cicilia Gyldenlowe

  09/21/1991  Award of Arms
Cienna of Lyonncourt
  12/10/1994  Award of Arms
Cieran ma Keara
  05/13/1989  Queen's Order of Courtesy
Cieron Mason
  07/01/1989  Award of Arms
*Cinhil MacAran
  07/03/1982  Silver Crescent
  10/02/1982  Court Baron
  06/07/1980  Award of Arms
  09/08/1984  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  05/08/1982  Princess's Order of Courtesy
Cinniu ingen Cuthbadh ("Tundra")
  03/10/2001  Ivory Tower (Settmour Swamp)
Ciorstaidh Twygge of Skye Hill
  11/30/2002  Award of Arms
Clan Hanashi
08/??/1999  Blue Tyger Legion
Clara da Mungiovi

  05/08/1999  Award of Arms
*Clara Beaumont (was: Leah Anne of Belmont)
  08/08/2007  Maunche
  02/03/1996  Award of Arms
  04/30/2006  Terpsichore
  06/25/2005  Moon (Carolingia)
  01/23/2010  Daystar (Carolingia)
Clare Lightfote
02/14/2009  Award of Arms
Clarice of Lochleven
  10/27/2001  Award of Arms
  09/25/2010  Queen's Cypher (Margerite)
*Clarissa di Firenze
  04/09/1994  Grant of Arms
  04/09/1994  Court Baroness
*Claryce Orfevre
  10/12/1983  Award of Arms (Ansteorra)
§*Claude the Frank
  09/24/1994  Tygers Combattant
  04/06/1991  Award of Arms
  06/26/2004  Leviathan (Smoking Rocks)
§*Claudius of Neddingham
  01/04/1986  Award of Arms
  08/14/1986  Pillar (Bridge)
*Claus of Burzee
  01/23/1999  Maunche
  06/14/2003  Court Baron
  06/23/1990  Award of Arms
  02/01/1997  King's Order of Excellence
Cleo Anna of Stonemarche
  01/31/2004  Tygers Cub
Clodagh inghen Cinneide, see Saerlaith ingen Cinneide
*Clotilda Warhammer
  09/16/1989  Award of Arms
*Clotilde von der Insel
  05/15/1999  Laurel
  02/28/1998  Grant of Arms
  07/06/1996  Maunche
  12/04/1999  Silver Crescent
  02/28/1998  Court Baroness
  12/19/1992  Award of Arms
  10/01/1994  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/13/1996  King's Cypher (Balfar II)
  04/04/1998  Queen's Cypher (Caitlin)
  09/22/2012  Queen's Cypher (Avelina)
  04/09/1994  Pillar of the Bridge (Bridge)
  03/31/2000  Ordre du Pèlerin (Havre des Glaces)
  10/05/1996  Queen's Honour of Distinction
  09/22/2012  Seamstress to the Court
Coalan an Panga Dubh
  01/19/1991  Award of Arms
  01/19/1991  Troubadour
Cody Rose of House Valkyrie
  05/03/2003  Tygers Cub
  07/27/2002  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Roxane)
Coemgen MacRath
  04/13/1996  Award of Arms
  06/22/1991  Award of Arms
*Coenric of Scarborough Marsh
  02/05/2000  Silver Crescent
  02/02/2002  Sagittarius
  07/27/1991  Award of Arms
  02/01/1997  Terpsichore
  12/14/1996  Millstone (Stonemarche)
*Coinneach Mac an Leigh
  05/14/1988  Award of Arms
Cokimori of Iron Bog
12/08/2007  Award of Arms
*Colbert de la Foret Pourpre

  10/10/1981  Award of Arms
Colean O'Lynche
  01/31/2004  Award of Arms
Coleen Fiona MacReddy
  01/26/2008  Award of Arms
Colin Andras

  01/07/1984  Award of Arms
Colin Cochran
  03/28/1992  Award of Arms
*Colin Domhnall Douglas
  07/11/1987  Award of Arms
*Colin Fraser MacLeod
  01/31/1998  Grant of Arms (AEthelmearc)
  12/10/1994  Golden Rapier
  01/31/1998  White Scarf (AEthelmearc)
  07/27/1991  Award of Arms
  10/08/2012  King's Esteem of Merit
*Colin of Lushington
  07/03/1994  Award of Arms
Colin McBriarty
  01/25/1992  Award of Arms
Colin MacInnis
  10/26/1991  Award of Arms
Colin MacKenna, see *Orlando dei Medici
Colin MacKenzie
  03/23/2002  Silver Crescent
  06/05/1999  Award of Arms
  06/05/2010  Golden Mantle
  11/08/2003  Keel (Dragonship Haven)
*Colin mac Eoain mec Lachlainn
  08/04/2009  Knight
  08/16/2004  Tygers Combattant
  10/27/2001  Award of Arms
  01/08/2008  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  05/01/2005  Perseus (Carolingia)
  09/30/2006  Queen's Cypher (Anna II)
  09/29/2007  Queen's Cypher (Aikaterine)
  09/29/2007  King's Cypher (Gryffith)
  09/25/2010  Queen's Cypher (Margerite)
  04/02/2011  King's Cypher (Aikaterine II)
Colin MacLaren
  06/11/1994  Award of Arms
*Colin Munro
  04/05/1997  Award of Arms
Colin the Saracen
  01/10/1987  Award of Arms
*Colin Tyndall de ffrayser
  05/18/1996  Grant of Arms
  05/18/1996  Baron of the Court
*Colin Ursell
  03/02/1996  Sagittarius
  12/28/1991  Award of Arms
  08/08/2012  Queen's Order of Courtesy (Avelina)
  12/10/1994  Daystar (Carolingia)
  07/14/2011  Companon of the Perseus (Carolingia)
*Collach O Choda
  03/11/1989  Award of Arms
  01/21/1995  Millstone (Stonemarche)
Colleen of Bhakail
  03/04/2006  Award of Arms
Collette of Endewearde

  04/01/2000  Award of Arms
Collette of Neddingham
  01/04/1986  Award of Arms
*Collin Monro of Tadcaster
  01/21/2012  Grant of Arms 
  07/22/2006  Golden Rapier
  09/26/2009  Silver Crescent
  03/29/2003  Award of Arms
  09/24/2005  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  03/25/2006  Burdened Tyger
  02/27/2010  Burdened Tyger
  02/17/2007  Silver Gauntlet (Iron Bog)
*Collwen Glynmes
  03/11/2000  Award of Arms
*Collwyn McMichael of Maplewood
  10/20/1990  Award of Arms
Colm MacCennae
  03/20/1999  Award of Arms
Colwyn Christopher Turquil
  07/24/2004  Award of Arms
*Conaire Anluan MacMurchadha
  08/14/1991  Award of Arms
Conaire the Archer
  02/22/1992  Tygers Cub
Conal Thorkelson
  05/09/1998  Tyger's Cub
Conall mac Bradaigh
09/21/2008  Award of Arms
Conan MacKeoch-MacGregor
  09/15/2007  Tygers Cub
*Conandil ingen Donngaile
09/11/2010  Maunche
  09/13/2008  Award of Arms
  09/13/2008  Terpsichore
Concobahr Mac Lughdach
   01/29/2011  Award of Arms
 Connell an Doire
  01/28/2012  Award of Arms
Conn MacSainrith Bhranain
  11/25/1995  Award of Arms
Connail MacRaibert
  11/27/1999  Silver Crescent
  07/11/1998  Award of Arms
Connaugh of Rusted Woodlands
  01/13/2001  Silver Crescent
  12/11/1993  Award of Arms
  07/26/2003  Queen's Order of Courtesy
Conner Macauliffe
  11/20/1993  Award of Arms
 Connie O'Ruaidh
  06/30/2012  Award of Arms
Connloch MacInnery
  02/04/1995  Award of Arms
Connor Glendowyr
  10/31/1992  Award of Arms
Connor, called Little Dragon
  01/13/1996  Award of Arms
*Connor MacAskill
  09/17/1994  Award of Arms
  10/05/1996  Burdened Tyger
*Connor MacGlandris (Connor MacGillavray)
  06/14/2003  Golden Rapier
  01/23/1999  Award of Arms
  03/03/2002  Perseus (Carolingia)
*Connor MacGregor
  06/22/1996  Award of Arms
Connor MacKay
  04/11/2009  Award of Arms
*Connor McPhaddin

  04/24/1999  Award of Arms
Connor MacRandall
  11/27/1999  Award of Arms
*Connor MacSeamus O'Neal
  01/23/1993  Golden Rapier
  07/21/1990  Award of Arms
Connor mac Tard
  05/23/1998  Award of Arms
Connor Roe
05/24/2008  Award of Arms
Connor Tainter

  09/27/1998  Award of Arms
Connor Tentburner
  01/23/1999  Award of Arms
*Conogan mab Rioc
 10/09/2010  Silver Crescent 
 03/22/2008  Award of Arms
  01/29/2011  Burdened Tyger
  07/09/2011  Troubadour
*Conor MacKaine
  09/13/1997  Award of Arms
*Conor Ó Ceallaigh
  11/20/1999  Sagittarius
  10/05/1996  Award of Arms
  03/13/2004  Seahorse (Ostgardr)
*Conrad von Altmark
  01/24/1987  Award of Arms
*Conrad MacAllyn
  07/15/2006  Master of the Pelican
  08/16/2000  Sagittarius
  01/23/1999  Silver Crescent
  03/31/2001  Tygers Combattant
  07/14/2007  Maunche
  09/25/1999  Court Baron
  07/15/1995  Award of Arms
  09/25/1999  Troubadour
  03/22/2003  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Isabella II)
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana IV)
    ??/??/2001   Chiffre du Baron (Havre des Glaces)
*Conrad MacCallum of Killane
  07/16/1994  Award of Arms
Conrad Wolfe
  10/22/1988  Award of Arms
*Constance de Clermont
  04/13/1991  Award of Arms
*Constance of Purneos
  02/24/1979  Award of Arms
*Constance de Saint Denis
  04/10/2010  Silver Crescent
  07/20/2002  Award of Arms
  06/25/2005  Daystar (Carolingia)
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana IV)
  09/25/2010  Queen's Cypher (Marguerite)
  04/02/2011  Seamstress to the Crown (Aikaterine II)
Constance of Scutari
  02/22/2003  Award of Arms
*Constance of Whitebirch
  11/30/2002  Award of Arms
  Constance Navarre
  05/19/2012  Award of Arms
*Constancia AElfwinesdottir
  08/16/2006  Silver Crescent
  04/24/1999  Award of Arms
  07/27/2002  Burdened Tyger
  07/26/2003  Burdened Tyger
  09/28/2002  Queen's Cypher (Roxane)
*Constantine the Varangian
  07/09/1988  Award of Arms
Constantine (Constantinius) von Drachenklaue
  04/14/2007  Grant of Arms
  08/10/2010  Tygers Combattant
  04/14/2007  Court Baron
  02/17/2007  Corde de Guerre of Caid
  08/15/2001  Award of Arms
  04/03/1993  Tygers Cub
  04/08/2000  King's Cypher (Lucan V)
  04/06/2002  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Yana III)
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana IV)
  09/27/2008  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Brenwen)
  10/01/2011  Queen's Cypher (Jana V)
 Constanza Maria Colonna
  06/25/2011  Award of Arms
  03/24/2012  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
Coofwin Glenmass, of House Wind Dragon 
  05/30/1999  Friends (Concordia)
Cooks Guild of Owl's Reste
  ??/??/????  Companions of the Burdened Tyger
Corcoran mac Diarmaid
  05/09/2009  Award of Arms
  09/06/2008   Chime (Carillion)
  09/05/2009   Sable Bell (Carillion)
   xx/xx/xxxx  Fish (Carillion)
Cordelia na Bheithir
01/14/2005  Award of Arms
  08/09/2007  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
*Cordelia MacDougall

  07/07/1990  Award of Arms
*Cordelie du Fleuve
  07/25/1987  Award of Arms
Corgon of Glenn Linn
  07/05/2008  Award of Arms
Corin of Glenn Linn

  07/01/2000  Silver Crescent
  07/02/1995  Award of Arms
Corliss O'Halloran
  01/29/1994  Award of Arms
*Cormac Kyle of Skara Brae
  01/04/1986  Tygers Cub
*Cormac Longstrider
  01/25/1997  Award of Arms
  04/23/1994  Tyger's Cub
  07/17/1999  Millstone (Stonemarche)
*Cormac MacEamon na Connemara
  08/14/2002  Master of the Pelican
  03/26/1988  Grant of Arms
  01/24/1987  Silver Crescent
  03/26/1988  Court Baron
  05/12/1984  Award of Arms
  02/04/1984  White Oak (BBM)
*Cormac MacHugh
  11/04/1995  Award of Arms
*Cormac MacKenna
  12/08/1990  Award of Arms
  05/26/1990  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
Cormac the Teeth
  12/29/1990  Award of Arms
  11/07/1992  Queen's Order of Courtesy
Cornelia (of Blak Rose)
  09/24/2005  Queen's Honour of Distinction
Cornelia de Londres

  10/01/1994  Award of Arms
Cornelia VandeBrugge
  11/26/2005  Award of Arms
  04/11/2009  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Alethea)
*Corvus Blackthorne

  02/11/1989  Award of Arms
  04/04/1992  Queen's Order of Courtesy
*Corwin Renwald
  10/21/1989  Knight
  02/18/1989  Tygers Combattant
  08/18/2004  Silver Crescent
  04/05/1986  Award of Arms
  10/03/1981  Queen's Cypher (Wanda)
*Corwyn ap Gruffith Cynnil
  05/23/1992  Award of Arms
Corwyn of Gleann nam Feorag Dhuibhe, see *Marcus Atheniou
Corwyn Ravenwing
  08/08/2007  Silver Crescent
  05/09/1998  Award of Arms
  02/24/2007  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  09/24/2005  Queen's Honour of Distinction
Cory the Blunt
  02/14/1998  Tygers Cub
*Cosmano Piero Micheletto da Roma
  05/04/2002  Silver Crescent
  07/20/2002  Golden Rapier
  11/27/1993  Award of Arms
  08/19/1988  Prince's Companions of Albion
Cosmo of Carillion
  09/21/2008  Baron of Carillion
  05/07/2011  Silver Crescent
  11/19/2005  Award of Arms
  10/22/2011  Shrouded Bell (Carillion)
*Creatura Christi of Oakes
01/21/2012  Silver Crescent
  03/18/2006  Award of Arms
  09/26/2009  Burdened Tyger
  04/01/2006  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Roxane III)
  05/30/2008  Silver Compass (Iron Bog)
  02/21/2009  Silver Cattail (Iron Bog)
  01/21/2012  Silver Martlet (Iron Bog)
  09/29/2012  Duck (Iron Bog)
Crispin Cox
  11/21/1998  Award of Arms
Crispin O'Dell McKittrick
  01/13/1996  Award of Arms
Crispin of Glenn Linn
  07/05/2008  Award of Arms
Crispin the Pitiless

  05/30/1999  Friends (Concordia)
*Cristiana ingen Mec-Bead
  10/03/2009  Grant of Arms
  11/27/2004  Silver Crescent
  11/30/2002  Award of Arms
  10/03/2009  Queen's Cypher (Gabriella II)
Cristina of the Dragon Lily
  11/30/2002  Award of Arms
  03/05/2005  Golden Tyger
  Cristoff Glocherean von Loch - Aka Cristoff the Clockwork
  09/22/2012  Grant of Arms
  09/15/2007 Award of Arms
  09/25/2010  Queen's Cypher (Margurite)
  04/02/2011  King's Cypher (Gryffith II)
*Cristoforo Donatello dei Visconti
  09/05/2009  Grant of Arms
  09/24/2005  Maunche
  09/05/2009  Court Baron
  02/09/2002  Award of Arms
  03/05/2005  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  03/05/2005  Golden Tyger
  04/11/2009  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Gabriella II)
    ??/??/2001   Chiffre du Baron (Havre des Glaces)
*Cristoforo da Fubine
  04/21/2007  Award of Arms
  12/05/2009  White Oak (BBM)
*Cristofre de Hastings
  03/29/2008  Award of Arms
Cristos (of Lion's End)

  04/21/2001  Award of Arms
Cristovau Vasquez
  07/16/2005  Maunche
  08/16/1994  Award of Arms
  12/14/1996  Troubadour
  03/06/2010  Moon (Carolingia)
Critter, see Ingvar Thorsteinsson
§Cron Grossenfussen
  01/20/1996  Award of Arms
  03/25/2006  Burdened Tyger
  09/16/1995  Sable Bell (Carillion)
Crystal of the Wood
  04/03/1993  Award of Arms
Crystal von Sussen
  10/22/1988  White Oak (BBM)

  03/05/1994  Award of Arms
Culann mac Cianain (was: Cullyn MacKinnon of Haus von Drachenklaue)
  01/29/2011  Chivalry
  03/24/2007  Grant of Arms
  08/16/2005  Tygers Combattant
  03/24/2007  Court Baron
  02/26/2000  Award of Arms
  03/29/2003  Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
  03/05/2005  Iron Tower (Settmour Swamp)
  03/24/2007  Ivory Tower (Settmour Swamp)
  04/06/2002  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana III)
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Jana IV)
  09/24/2005  Foreign Tyger
  10/08/2011  Queen's Champion of Rattan
Curren Frostfeather
  05/29/1999  Award of Arms
*Cuthbad a' Bheithir
  01/15/2005  Silver Crescent
  05/13/1989  Award of Arms
  03/10/2001  Ivory Tower (Settmour Swamp)
  05/25/2003  Iron Tower (Settmour Swamp)
*Cuthwulf fan Frisa
  08/16/1989  Award of Arms
Cynan ap Rhys
  05/15/1999  Award of Arms
  10/18/2003  Troubadour
*Cynedd ap Gwen
  01/28/1984  Award of Arms
*Cyngen ap Gwenwynwyn
  10/09/1993  Award of Arms
*Cynon Mac an Choill
  10/22/1994  Award of Arms
  02/22/2003  Queen's Honour of Distinction (Isabella II)
Cynric the Absent
  10/09/1993  Award of Arms
*Cynric Beyond the Mountain
  04/20/1991  Award of Arms
  04/20/1991  White Oak (BBM)
Cynric the Dabbler
  01/31/2009  Sagittarius
  07/20/2002  Award of Arms
*Cynthia du Pré Argent
  09/01/2001  Laurel
  02/26/2000  Maunche
  01/03/1998  Rose Leaf (West)
  01/23/1999  Court Baroness (West)
  04/06/1996  Corolla Nebularum (Vitea) (Mists, West)
  10/07/1989  Award of Arms
  03/17/2007  Daystar (Carolingia)
  09/27/2008  Moon (Carolingia)
*Cynthia of Oakenwode ("Cinder")
  09/25/1999  Grant of Arms
  07/06/2002  Silver Crescent
  09/25/1999  Court Baroness
  10/03/1992  Award of Arms
  07/14/2007  Artemis
  09/29/2001  King's Cypher (Hanse III)
  09/27/2003  King's Cypher (Darius II)
  04/30/1994  Millstone (Stonemarche)
  04/13/2002  Millstone (Stonemarche)
*Cynthia Waerfaest
  05/02/1987  Laurel (West)
  05/12/1984  Rose Leaf (West)
  03/28/1987  Leaf of Merit (West)
  07/25/1981  Award of Arms
*Cynyr Longtoes
  05/04/1991  Award of Arms
Cyra Emrys
  08/01/1987  Award of Arms
 Cyrus of Dragonship Haven
  01/28/2012  Award of Arms

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