The Order of Fatima


The Order of Fatima is founded in memory of the late Countess to honor illustrious clothiers and seamstresses.  It shall be awarded by the Queen in consultation with the Duchess of Dorno Aral.  (Cariadoc II).


10-19-1974            Liosliath of Donnelly

10-09-1976            Kathryn Goodwyn

04-16-1977            Alyson of Islay

04-01-1978            Caitlin nic Coinnich

01-06-1979            Alia Vasa Care

01-06-1979            Sigismund Vasa Care

02-??-1979             Alatiel of Reading-Wood

02-??-1979             Laura Hawkwood

04-07-1979            Kathryn Courtney

04-19-1980            Elfrida Perigrynna

04-25-1980            Ann Ethridge of Somerset


There may be other members.