Maragorn and Adrienne 07/21/1968 A.S. III
Bruce and Florence 10/27/1968 A.S. III
Alpin and Morgana 08/24/1969 A.S. IV
Akbar and Khadijah 05/05/1970 A.S.V
Murad and Fatima 08/29/1970 A.S. V
Akbar II and Khadijah II 06/13/1971 A.S.VI
Rakkurai and Maureen 09/26/1971 A.S. VI
Cariadoc and Diana 07/08/1972 A.S. VII
Jehan and Lauryan 10/15/1972 A.S. VII
Akbar III and Khadijah 01/06/1973 A.S. VII
Finnvarr and Caellyn 05/20/1973 A.S. VIII
Aonghais and Alyson 09/16/1973 A.S. VIII
Asbjorn and Eloise 04/20/1974 A.S. VIII
Cariadoc II and Diana II 10/19/1974 A.S. IX
Asbjorn II and Brekke 04/19/1975 A.S. IX
Aonghais II and Ysabeau 10/11/1975 A.S. X
Alaric and Yseult 04/24/1976 A.S. X
Laeghaire and Ysabeau II 10/09/1976 A.S. XI
Fernando and Ianthe 04/16/1977 A.S. XI
Frederick and Nicorlyn 10/08/1977 A.S. XII
Gyrth and Melisande 04/01/1978 A.S. XII
Bertrand and Allanda 10/14/1978 A.S. XIII
Seanan and Aidan 04/07/1979 A.S. XIII
Vissevald and Embla 10/06/1979 A.S. XIV
Gavin and Tamera 04/19/1980 A.S. XIV
Michael and Carissa 10/18/1980 A.S. XV
Siegfried and Wanda 04/04/1981 A.S. XV
Aelfwine and Arastorm 10/03/1981 A.S. XVI
Hasdrubal and Kunegunda 04/24/1982 A.S. XVI
Siegfried II and Wanda II 10/02/1982 A.S. XVI
Vissevald II and Mara 04/23/1983 A.S. XVII
Viktor and Sedalia 10/08/1983 A.S. XVIII
Hasdrubal II and Amber 04/14/1984 A.S. XVIII
Hanno and Kunegunda 10/20/1984 A.S. XIX
Morguhn and Rowan 04/20/1985 A.S. XIX
Siegfried III and Wanda III 10/05/1985 A.S. XX
Ronald and Bronwyn 04/05/1986 A.S. XX
Sebastian and Sirillian 10/14/1986 A.S. XXI
Randal and Marieke 04/11/1987 A.S. XXI
Morguhn II and Rowan II 10/10/1987 A.S. XXII
Gavin II and Sedalia II 04/16/1988 A.S. XXII
Randal II and Katherine 10/15/1988 A.S. XXIII
Morguhn III and Maurya 04/15/1989 A.S. XXIII
Horic and Lea 10/21/1989 A.S. XXIV
Ronald II and Bronwyn II 04/07/1990 A.S. XXIV
Rhys and Elaina 10/06/1990 A.S. XXV
Randal III and Katherine II 04/06/1991 A.S. XXV
Balfar and Luna 10/05/1991 A.S. XXVI
Ruslan and Margaret 04/04/1992 A.S. XXVI
Lucan and Jana 10/03/1992 A.S. XXVII
Tsurunaga and Genevieve 04/03/1993 A.S. XXVII
Gregor and Christence 10/09/1993 A.S. XXVIII
Lucan II and Jana II 04/09/1994 A.S. XXVIII
Gregor II and Christence II 10/01/1994 A.S. XXIX
Timothy and Gabrielle 04/01/1995 A.S. XXIX
Balfar II and Luna II 09/30/1995 A.S. XXX
Bjorn and Morgen 04/13/1996 A.S. XXX
Lucan III and Elspeth 10/05/1996 A.S. XXXI
Hanse and Moruadh 04/05/1997 A.S. XXXI
Lucan IV and Caitlin 09/27/1997 A.S. XXXII
Timothy II and Gabrielle II 04/04/1998 A.S. XXXII
Brion and Anna 10/03/1998 A.S. XXXIII
Hanse II and Moruadh II 04/10/1999 A.S. XXXIII
Lucan V and Marieke II 09/25/1999 A.S. XXXIV
Balfar III and Luna III 04/08/2000 A.S. XXXIV
Andreas and Isabella 09/30/2000 A.S. XXXV
Hanse III and Olivia 04/21/2001 A.S. XXXV
Lucan VI and Yana III 09/29/2001 A.S. XXXVI
Darius and Roxane 04/06/2002 A.S. XXXVI
Andreas II and Isabella II 09/28/2002 A.S. XXXVII
Darius II and Roxane II 04/12/2003 A.S. XXXVII
Balfar IV and Luna IV 09/27/2003 A.S. XXXVIII
Gaufred Kelson and Geneviere
Thorvald and Svava
Gaufred Kelson II and Geneviere II
Darius III and Roxane III
Brion II and Anna II
Lucan VII and Jana IV09/30/2006A.S. XLI
Griffyth and Aikaterine04/14/2007A.S. XLI
Andreas III and Gabriella09/29/2007A.S. XLII
Konrad and Brenwen04/12/2008A.S. XLII
Darius IV and Alethea09/27/2008A.S. XLIII

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