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OP Line

Awards by Reign

Siegfried III and Wanda III
October 5, 1985 (AS 20) - April 5, 1986 (AS 20)

Arms of the East

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Awards bestowed during this reign in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

OP Line

# Recipient Award Date
1 Charles Stewart O’Connor Grant of Arms (Middle) 10/12/1985
2 Valerius Fidelis Camerinus Companion of the Sable Thistle (Ansteorra) 10/12/1985
3 Tearlach the Profane Companion of the Chivalry (East) 10/19/1985
Crown Tournament, Mountain Freehold (East)
# Recipient Award Date
4 Tearlach the Profane Companion of the Master at Arms (East) 10/19/1985
5 Dawyd z Gury Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 10/19/1985
6 Horic Grarvargr Caithnes Companion of the Tygers Combattant (East) 10/19/1985
7 Alanric of Gloucester Tygers Combattant (East) 10/19/1985
8 Aric Arundel of the Mist Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1985
9 Mikhail Gregorievich of Kiev Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1985
10 James Stewart MacNab Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1985
11 Megan Douglas Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1985
12 Honore Pierre d’Artres Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1985
13 Harry the Doppelganger Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1985
14 Geoffrey le Seul Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1985
15 Cadoc ap Cluiun Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1985
# Recipient Award Date
16 Ceridewn ferch Rhys Michael Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1985
17 Kathleen O'Donnelly Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1985
18 Lucilla Theresa de Courtenay Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1985
19 Simon Karlsson Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1985
Celtic Feast and Cattle Raid, Bhakail (East)
# Recipient Award Date
20 Gwytheryn Pwy Dilyn y Carw Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1985
21 Melina Argente Chercheuse Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1985
22 Owen ap Robert “the Blind” Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1985
# Recipient Award Date
23 Doran MacCullom Companion of the Chivalry (East) 11/1/1985
24 Cai de Lyon Viscount (Mists) 11/9/1985
25 Anna Herold von Ossenheim Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 11/12/1985
26 Dafydd MacFarlane Award of Arms (East) 12/6/1985
27 Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon Companion of the King's Sigil (Atenveldt) 12/7/1985
28 Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon Count (East) 12/7/1985
29 Valgard Stonecleaver Companion of the Leaf of Merit (West) 12/14/1985
30 Will Langdon of Gremorne Award of Arms (Middle) 12/14/1985
Birthday Tourney (East)
# Recipient Award Date
31 Miranda Fitzgerald Tygers Cub (East) 12/21/1985
32 Matthew Fitzgerald Tygers Cub (East) 12/21/1985
33 Michael Fitzgerald Tygers Cub (East) 12/21/1985
34 Samirah al Mansur Award of Arms (East) 12/21/1985
35 Theodur of Bucharest Award of Arms (East) 12/21/1985
36 Katherine Jade of Bayley Award of Arms (East) 12/21/1985
37 Zulaika des Bedouines-Anizas Award of Arms (East) 12/21/1985
38 Darerca Wilric Award of Arms (East) 12/21/1985
39 Rhys of Harlech Companion of the Troubadour (East) 12/21/1985
40 Rhys of Harlech Award of Arms (East) 12/21/1985
# Recipient Award Date
41 Otto the Obscure Companion of the Sable Blade (Atlantia) 12/31/1985
42 Hrothgar of Farley Companion of the Iris of Merit (Ansteorra) 1/1/1986
43 Aceline Barrett of Seven Oaks Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
44 Brandon D'Arindel Queen's Cypher (East) 1/4/1986
45 Chandra of the Bleeding Heart Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
46 Elaine of Northwode Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
47 Marion Morgan Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
48 Rikard Bentsson Ormstunga Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
49 Robert Innes Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
50 Thorvald Varghuvad Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
51 Valgard Stonecleaver Companion of the Queen's Guard (East) 1/4/1986
Twelfth Night (East)
# Recipient Award Date
52 Diana Alene Mistress of the Pelican (East) 1/4/1986
53 Aelfwine Denedom Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/4/1986
54 Katrina von Halstern Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/4/1986
55 Ranveiger Harkonsdottir Maunche (East) 1/4/1986
56 Richard Just Richard Sagittarius (East) 1/4/1986
57 Arnwulf Æthelreding Tygers Combattant (East) 1/4/1986
58 Allen Red Beard of the Cauldron Court Baron (East) 1/4/1986
59 Maeve of the Lone Isles Court Baroness (East) 1/4/1986
60 Morag MacPharlain Grant of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
61 Cormac Kyle of Skara Brae Tygers Cub (East) 1/4/1986
62 Oralea Giddian Terpsichore (East) 1/4/1986
63 Susan MacGregor Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
64 Susan MacGregor Terpsichore (East) 1/4/1986
65 Salaamallah the Corpulent Baron Beyond the Mountain (East) 1/4/1986
66 Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd Baroness Dragonship Haven (East) 1/4/1986
67 Arthur of Linden Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
68 Ruairidh MacEanruig Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
69 Angelique Just Richard nee d'Oeil Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
70 Jean Pierre Bouchard de Louis Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
71 Catherine Dufcy Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
72 Elizabeth Idlewine Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
73 Collette of Neddingham Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
74 Claudius of Neddingham Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
75 Ian Dragonfang Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
76 Stephen Grandchamp Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
77 Drakemire Piridvizhnik Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
78 Safronergy of Thornkreek Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
79 Sternwulf von Drachenwyck Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
80 Seoras Dubh mac Gordon Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
81 Lorenzo Dragone della Grotta Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
82 Michel le Jeun Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
83 Aislinn nic Eoghainn Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
84 Thomas of South Hill Award of Arms (East) 1/4/1986
# Recipient Award Date
85 Joedda Francesca la Charmante Viscount (Drachenwald) 1/5/1986
86 Madoc Arundel Award of Arms (East) 1/5/1986
87 Michel Almansur Fitz Roderrick Award of Arms (East) 1/5/1986
88 Richard Gilcrest Viscount (Drachenwald) 1/5/1986
89 Stefan Ste Kolm Companion of the Maunche (East) 1/5/1986
90 Lucius Aurelius Varus Award of Arms (Middle) 1/11/1986
In Settmour Swamp (East)
# Recipient Award Date
91 Andrew MacRobb Troubadour (East) 1/11/1986
92 Deirdre Schneider Award of Arms (East) 1/11/1986
93 Ragus of Revelwood Award of Arms (East) 1/11/1986
94 Robin Argyll du Coeur Ailé Award of Arms (East) 1/11/1986
95 Isobella de Cordoba Award of Arms (East) 1/11/1986
# Recipient Award Date
96 Tiberius Erikson Award of Arms (East) 1/18/1986
97 Cateline de la Mor la Souriete Companion of the Emerald Seas (Trimaris) 1/25/1986
98 John fitzArnulf de Lithia Crown's Gratitude (Trimaris) 1/25/1986
99 Douglas of Wandering Hall Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1986
100 Megan Siobhan of Wandering Hall Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1986
101 Eadric Hrothgaresun Grant of Arms (Trimaris) 2/8/1986
In Sterlynge Vale (East)
# Recipient Award Date
102 Angelica de Boullander Grant of Arms (East) 2/8/1986
103 Angelica de Boullander Court Baroness (East) 2/8/1986
104 Flavia ferch Gwydion Award of Arms (East) 2/8/1986
105 Ian Saint Clair Award of Arms (East) 2/8/1986
106 Frederick MacGregor Award of Arms (East) 2/8/1986
107 Jayne Gidle Award of Arms (East) 2/8/1986
108 Geoffrey Fitz Galen Award of Arms (East) 2/8/1986
109 Venturi Carozzoni Award of Arms (East) 2/8/1986
# Recipient Award Date
110 Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon Companion of the Light of Atenveldt (Atenveldt) 2/16/1986
111 Maria Allesandra delle Tre Torri Alte Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1986
In Rusted Woodlands (East)
# Recipient Award Date
112 Angelica de Boullander Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 2/22/1986
113 Oswald von dem Grünwald Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1986
114 Margita z Oponice Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1986
115 Amberle of Halsflor Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1986
116 Maria Allesandra Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1986
117 Edward Dragonslayer Companion of the King's Champion of Bardic (East) 2/22/1986
118 Siubhan ni Coinneach Queen's Champion of Bardic (East) 2/22/1986
# Recipient Award Date
119 Eadric Hrothgaresun Chivalry (East) 3/1/1986
120 Valerius Fidelis Camerinus Companion of the Iris of Merit (Ansteorra) 3/8/1986
121 Geldemar von Schonfloss Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
122 Megryth Bowbreaker of the High March Companion of the Maunche (East) 3/15/1986
123 Suzanne Gabrielle Marie Beraud Award of Arms (Ansteorra) 3/15/1986
124 Tyracke of Tryndylyr Chivalry (East) 3/15/1986
Ice Dragon (East)
# Recipient Award Date
125 Angharad of the Sleeping Lion Grant of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
126 Angharad of the Sleeping Lion Court Baroness (East) 3/15/1986
127 Maghnus an Chnoicna n’Iora Tygers Combattant (East) 3/15/1986
128 Megryth Bowbreaker Maunche (East) 3/15/1986
129 Arianna of Wynthrope Companion of the Troubadour (East) 3/15/1986
130 Tyracke of Tryndylyr Knight (East) 3/15/1986
131 Urho Waltterinen Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
132 Albane O'Lodus Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
133 Marn de la Sombre Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
134 Madog ab Emrys Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
135 Richard Tyler of Swiftwater Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
136 Geldemar of the Silver Spring Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
137 Donal Mhic Gillemhoire Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
138 Arianwen ferch Gawaine Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
139 Dakaimota Saigo Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
140 Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
141 Cigfran o Caer Gwalch Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
142 Rose Marian of Edgewater Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
143 Miryha na Halla Lan Award of Arms (East) 3/15/1986
# Recipient Award Date
144 Eleonora Vittoria Alberti di Calabria Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1986
145 Oskar of the Wood Companion of the Popular Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald) 3/22/1986
146 Oswald von dem Grünwald Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1986
147 Gershom ibn Zabara Dolphin (Caid) 3/29/1986
148 Ellen du Grandchamp Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
Coronation (East)
# Recipient Award Date
Last Court, Coronation (East)
# Recipient Award Date
149 Stephen de Raymond Grant of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
150 Stephen de Raymond Court Baron (East) 4/5/1986
151 Volf of Novgorod, the Ignitor Grant of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
152 Shire of Anglespur Burdened Tyger (East) 4/5/1986
153 Barony of Concordia of the Snows Burdened Tyger (East) 4/5/1986
154 Elspeth Keyf of Neddingham Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 4/5/1986
155 Yosef Alaric Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 4/5/1986
156 Edric Tygers Cub (East) 4/5/1986
157 Jacques de Telaron Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1986
158 Jacques de Telaron Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
159 Origon Tvan de Dannon Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
160 Origon Tvan de Dannon Troubadour (East) 4/5/1986
161 Goodwood de Dannon Troubadour (East) 4/5/1986
162 Goodwood de Dannon Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
163 Pherrous Meytals Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
164 Pherrous Meytals Troubadour (East) 4/5/1986
165 Eldorane de Eldolo Troubadour (East) 4/5/1986
166 Eldorane de Eldolo Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
167 Gabriella Maddelena Pisano Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1986
168 Albrecht von Halstern Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1986
169 Luke Tarr Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
170 Deormund Wulfscyld Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
171 Malachi Olthursson Veasslurd Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
172 David MacDougall Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
173 Francis of Tadecastre Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
174 Larissa the Shrew Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
175 Bronwyn Acthorn Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
176 Susanna of Bowman’s Rest Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
177 Octa Bluetooth Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
178 Raimundo Alejandro de la Rosa Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986
179 Corwin Renwald Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1986

* Items on Coronation date may be from previous reign
+ Items on Coronation date may be from next reign

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