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Awards by Reign

Randal and Marieke
April 11, 1987 (AS 21) - October 10, 1987 (AS 22)

Arms of the East

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Awards bestowed during this reign in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

OP Line

# Recipient Award Date
1 Christopher Troweselagh Award of Arms (Middle) 4/18/1987
2 Brigit nic Fiona McFergus of Dragon's Keep Award of Arms (East) 5/2/1987
3 Cynthia Waerfaest Mistress of the Laurel (East) 5/2/1987
Crown Tourney in Belle Rive (East)
# Recipient Award Date
4 Ailís inghean Mhuirghein Award of Arms (East) 5/2/1987
5 Brendan the Harper Award of Arms (East) 5/2/1987
6 Ina Rowena of the Mist Award of Arms (East) 5/2/1987
7 Brigitte nic Fiona Award of Arms (East) 5/2/1987
8 Aine Callaghan Award of Arms (East) 5/2/1987
9 Seanan an Chasur Companion of the Shield of Chivalry (East) 5/2/1987
Feast of Innocents Found, Dawnfield (East)
# Recipient Award Date
10 Wulfgar of the Wood Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
11 Willow of the Dancing Heart Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
12 Morgan of Surrey Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
13 Anne Elizabeth of Surrey Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
14 Catriona MacLeod Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
15 Helene of Clemson Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
16 Ananda Rhiannon Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
17 Brother Eric Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
18 Eleazar ha Levi Award of Arms (East) 5/9/1987
# Recipient Award Date
19 William Montagu du Vert Award of Arms (East) 5/16/1987
East Kingdom University, Quintavia (East)
# Recipient Award Date
20 Browyn of Glendale Award of Arms (East) 5/16/1987
21 Jacques du Bois Blanc Award of Arms (East) 5/16/1987
22 Megan Laine Companion of the Maunche (East) 5/16/1987
23 Vladislav the Purple Maunche (East) 5/16/1987
War of the Roses, Concordia (East)
# Recipient Award Date
24 David Trueheart Award of Arms (East) 5/23/1987
25 Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh Award of Arms (East) 5/23/1987
26 Elizabeth Halwerdane Award of Arms (East) 5/23/1987
27 Jebediah Bonez Award of Arms (East) 5/23/1987
28 Siubhan ni Coinneach Troubadour (East) 5/23/1987
# Recipient Award Date
29 Cassandra la Sable Companion of the Stag's Heart (Outlands) 5/30/1987
30 Oscad de Segovia Award of Arms (Middle) 5/30/1987
31 Clothilde von Bakker Award of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
32 Padruig Wulfstan Award of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
33 Vanora Wulfstan Award of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
K&Q Champion, Quintavia (East)
# Recipient Award Date
34 Arthur of the Black Forest King's Champion of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
35 Tanaka Raiko Queen's Champion of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
36 Kali Harlansson of Gotland Companion of the Maunche (East) 6/6/1987
37 Sean Cuchullain Award of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
38 Tanaka Raiko Award of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
39 Elspeth FitzHugh Award of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
40 Rosalinde DeWitte Award of Arms (East) 6/6/1987
41 Turlough O'Rourke Tygers Combattant (East) 6/6/1987
42 Takechi no Musashi Tygers Combattant (East) 6/6/1987
# Recipient Award Date
43 Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez Silver Trident (Trimaris) 6/13/1987
44 Dara Katerina Smythe Award of Arms (East) 6/13/1987
Neverending War, Blak Rose (East)
# Recipient Award Date
45 Michaele Tygers Cub (East) 6/13/1987
46 Ysolde of Summerhall Award of Arms (East) 6/13/1987
47 Dara Smythe of Household East Award of Arms (East) 6/13/1987
48 Oglesby Armstrong Smythe Award of Arms (East) 6/13/1987
49 Gregor Jorn Krumner Award of Arms (East) 6/13/1987
50 Samirah al Mansur Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 6/13/1987
# Recipient Award Date
51 Alrick von Baeker Court Barony (East) 6/20/1987
52 Anton von Hagenstein Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
53 Eleonora Vittoria Alberti di Calabria Viscount (Drachenwald) 6/20/1987
54 Jonathan Blaecstan Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
55 Oriana of Basingstoke Dragons Tear (Drachenwald) 6/20/1987
56 Oriana of Basingstoke Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
57 Praxedia von Hagenstein Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
58 Ulric Breitwalde of the Dragon Bear Viscount (Drachenwald) 6/20/1987
Challenge of the Black Abyss, An Dubhaigeainn (East)
# Recipient Award Date
59 Theodur of Bucharest Silver Crescent (East) 6/20/1987
60 Barbara de la Carriere Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
61 Ousa Stefan Llan Llyr Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
62 Richard the Poor of Ely Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
Great Northern War, Malagentia (East)
# Recipient Award Date
63 Arlof O’Donovae of Aranmor Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
64 Sheppa Badgeron Veasslurd Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
65 Dallán Caradoc of Caernarvon Award of Arms (East) 6/20/1987
# Recipient Award Date
66 Aislinn Gildara Breemore Mistress of the Pelican (East) 6/21/1987
67 Juenevere de Cleres Maunche (East) 6/27/1987
68 Simon de Okewode Award of Arms (East) 6/27/1987
Return of Ivar the Boneless, Sterlynge Vayle (East)
# Recipient Award Date
69 Michelaccio it Matto Award of Arms (East) 6/27/1987
70 Alix d'Amiens Award of Arms (East) 6/27/1987
71 Szerena Fehér the Indecisive Award of Arms (East) 6/27/1987
72 James Hawk Galloway Award of Arms (East) 6/27/1987
73 Seppo Taaminen Award of Arms (East) 6/27/1987
74 Maria Erika von Ossenheim Tygers Cub (East) 6/27/1987
Feast and Tourney of the War Gods, Coppertree (East)
# Recipient Award Date
75 Juenevre of the Mallow Rose Maunche (East) 6/27/1987
76 Caterina di Cavallo Maunche (East) 6/27/1987
77 Balatair de Roden Award of Arms (East) 6/27/1987
78 Edana Aldys Haukyns Award of Arms (East) 6/27/1987
# Recipient Award Date
79 Haldane Jensdottir de Baliol Companion of the Sable Thistle (Ansteorra) 7/4/1987
80 Valgard Stonecleaver Companion of the Valor (West) 7/4/1987
81 Colin Domhnall Douglas Award of Arms (East) 7/11/1987
Not White Hare: Wedding Wars, Frosted Hills (East)
# Recipient Award Date
82 Alexandra Morgaine of Silverwood Award of Arms (East) 7/11/1987
83 Sophia Magdalena of Mataria Award of Arms (East) 7/11/1987
84 Þóra Sharptooth Award of Arms (East) 7/11/1987
85 Elwynne Rowenna of Wentworth Award of Arms (East) 7/11/1987
86 Dmitri Bluestone Award of Arms (East) 7/11/1987
87 Shera nicIan MacCaluim Hamultun Award of Arms (East) 7/11/1987
88 Abra Makan Award of Arms (East) 7/11/1987
Noble Hunt, Isle du Dragon Dormant (East)
# Recipient Award Date
89 Magdalena Geertruidis van den Oost Award of Arms (East) 7/18/1987
90 Yamamoto Tora Gozen Award of Arms (East) 7/18/1987
91 Rowena Robusta of Charryng Tower Award of Arms (East) 7/18/1987
92 Hawise Gadarn ferch Owein Award of Arms (East) 7/18/1987
93 Tigar of Toddington Award of Arms (East) 7/18/1987
94 Alban Geoffrey du Costeau Award of Arms (East) 7/18/1987
95 Alderic Einarsson Award of Arms (East) 7/18/1987
# Recipient Award Date
96 Valerius Fidelis Camerinus Companion of the Lion of Ansteorra (Ansteorra) 7/25/1987
In the Canton of the Towers (East)
# Recipient Award Date
97 Cordelie du Fleuve Award of Arms (East) 7/25/1987
98 Elektra Leonidas Award of Arms (East) 7/25/1987
99 Aleksei Dmitriev Award of Arms (East) 7/25/1987
Mountain Freehold War Camp (East)
# Recipient Award Date
100 David MacDougall Companion of the Sagittarius (East) 8/1/1987
101 Catriona Leslie of Dunidr Award of Arms (East) 8/1/1987
102 Cyra Emrys Award of Arms (East) 8/1/1987
103 Yvaine Catlin d'Acley Award of Arms (East) 8/1/1987
# Recipient Award Date
104 Daniel of Stafford Pele Award of Arms (East) 8/2/1987
105 Dawn of Glensmoor Award of Arms (East) 8/8/1987
106 Erik Langkniv Award of Arms (East) 8/8/1987
107 Fioruisce of Avalon Award of Arms (East) 8/8/1987
108 Garth the Lost Tygers Combattant (East) 8/8/1987
109 Gaut Med STyrpinnen Award of Arms (East) 8/8/1987
110 Peder Klingrode Award of Arms (East) 8/8/1987
111 Vlva Ingvarsdotter Enhrning Award of Arms (East) 8/8/1987
East Kingdom Court, Pennsic (East)
# Recipient Award Date
112 Samira Wulfgarsdottir Tygers Cub (East) 8/12/1987
113 Sigis Wulfgarsson Tygers Cub (East) 8/12/1987
114 Alexandre sur la Mer Companion of the Maunche (East) 8/12/1987
115 Marian Greenleaf Companion of the Maunche (East) 8/12/1987
116 Amaryllis Coleman Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 8/12/1987
117 Katherine Gilliesfleur Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 8/12/1987
118 Susanna of Bowman’s Rest Sagittarius (East) 8/12/1987
119 Remus Fletcher Tygers Combattant (East) 8/12/1987
120 Yamamoto Sugitori Tygers Combattant (East) 8/12/1987
121 Dar von du Trankil Tygers Combattant (East) 8/12/1987
122 Vladimir Ivanovitch Kasakov Award of Arms (East) 8/12/1987
123 Kein MacEwan Award of Arms (East) 8/12/1987
# Recipient Award Date
124 Barak Elandris Carthalo Chivalry (East) 8/15/1987
125 Charles Stewart O’Connor Laurel (Calontir) 8/15/1987
126 Eric von Charlottenburg Chivalry (Atlantia) 8/15/1987
127 Genevieve du Vent Argent Master of the Pelican (Middle) 8/15/1987
128 Seanan an Chasur Companion of the Chivalry (East) 8/15/1987
On the field, Pennsic (East)
# Recipient Award Date
129 Migel Gneuyle de Normandie Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 8/15/1987
War Court, Pennsic (East)
# Recipient Award Date
130 John the Artificer Master of the Laurel (East) 8/15/1987
131 Elspeth Keyf of Neddingham Mistress of the Pelican (East) 8/15/1987
132 Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd Mistress of the Pelican (East) 8/15/1987
133 Seanan an Chasur Knight (East) 8/15/1987
134 Barak Elandris Carthalo Knight (East) 8/15/1987
War Court of the Kingdom of Caid, Pennsic (East)
# Recipient Award Date
135 Manfred Von Halstern Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
136 Magnus Blödax Companion of the Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
137 Hrymgnar Aeulfsen Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
138 Corwin Renwald Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
139 Albrecht von Halstern Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
140 Tristen Von Halstern of Lochmur Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
141 Vladimir Ivanovitch Kasakov Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
142 Maximillian der Sperling Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
143 Guntar von Volksphaere Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
144 Tanaka Raiko Companion of the Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
145 Wolfgang Adler Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
146 Chrysogon Renwald Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
147 Leopold Reinmar von Schoenberg Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
148 Kein MacEwan Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
149 Dair Hawkwind of Skara Brae Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
150 Malcome McAngus Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/15/1987
# Recipient Award Date
151 Haus von Halsstern Crossed Swords (Caid) 8/16/1987
152 Hrothgar Hrungnirsson of Dragonship Haven Award of Arms (East) 8/16/1987
153 Aislinn Gildara Breemore Queen's Cypher (East) 8/22/1987
154 Adrianna de la Telaraña Award of Arms (East) 9/5/1987
155 Kevin Tremayne Award of Arms (East) 9/5/1987
156 Alasdair MacDhonnchaid Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
157 Rachel Kathleen Cundiff Companion of the Argent Palm (Trimaris) 9/12/1987
Quest and Curia, Anglespur (East)
# Recipient Award Date
158 Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
159 Paul Wickenden of Thanet Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
160 Mor ni Dhonnchaidh Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
161 Rhiannon Rhyl Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
162 Ewen Ericsson Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
163 Cian Dreamaker Cuchullain Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
164 Alison MacDermot Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
165 Aonghas macDhaibhidh Award of Arms (East) 9/12/1987
# Recipient Award Date
166 Adelinde Katla Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
167 AElfric of Purbeck Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
168 Cedric of Wessex Manor Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
169 Raadgjer Katla Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
170 Rowena of Swanwic Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
171 Rowena of Wessex Manor Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
172 Yvonne of Gosport Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
In Northern Outpost (East)
# Recipient Award Date
173 Phelan MacDermott Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
174 Mairghread MacCuinnegain Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
175 Fiona Aine mac Domhniall Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
176 Yoshitomo Toshi-no-Minomoto Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
177 Caitrin Maura Gordon Award of Arms (East) 9/19/1987
# Recipient Award Date
178 Cenwulf Godfyrht Leaf of Merit (West) 9/26/1987
Tolkien Tourney, Bridge (East)
# Recipient Award Date
179 Kristen Ahearn Burdened Tyger (East) 9/26/1987
180 Kristen Ahearn Silver Crescent (East) 9/26/1987
181 Haleric Poleskowna Silver Crescent (East) 9/26/1987
182 Amber Surrey Award of Arms (East) 9/26/1987
183 Elspeth Livingston Award of Arms (East) 9/26/1987
184 Brangwen ferch Gryffedd Award of Arms (East) 9/26/1987
185 Evaine ferch Brangwen Award of Arms (East) 9/26/1987
186 Fideleco De Rochforte Award of Arms (East) 9/26/1987
187 Padraig Ó Riain Award of Arms (East) 9/26/1987
188 Theoderick Orbus Award of Arms (East) 9/26/1987
# Recipient Award Date
189 Ailís inghean Mhuirghein Grant of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
190 Alycia Genevieve Burdened Tyger (East) 10/3/1987
191 Genevieve de Mowbray of Lion’s Rest Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
192 Judith of Kirtland Court Baron (Middle) 10/3/1987
193 Katherine Fletcher of Stonemarche Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
194 Megan Laine Grant of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
Stonemarche Investiture, Stonemarche (East)
# Recipient Award Date
195 Kilin of Carolingia Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
196 Giovanni Paulo Sbragia di Lucca Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
197 Seonhaid McKay Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
198 Genevieve le Chaton Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
199 Giuseppi of House Round Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
200 Katherynne Driscoll Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
201 Killian Brock Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
202 Liliana Michaella of Cinnamon Grove Award of Arms (East) 10/3/1987
203 Harold von Auerbach Companion of the Maunche (East) 10/3/1987
204 Johan von Traubenberg Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 10/3/1987
205 Ailís inghean Mhuirghein Baron Stonemarche (East) 10/3/1987
206 Megan Laine Baroness Stonemarche (East) 10/3/1987
# Recipient Award Date
207 Gwyneth ferch Meredydd Ynys Mon Guardsman (East) 10/7/1987
208 Arienhwyfar Pell Grant of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
209 Guile Bluemaker In-The-Hill Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
210 Juan Carlos Perez Silver Trident (Trimaris) 10/10/1987
211 Muhallim ibn Rashid Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
212 Nikolas de Mont Nord Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
First Court, Coronation (East)
# Recipient Award Date
Last Court, Coronation, in Rhydderich Hael (East)
# Recipient Award Date
213 Arienhwyfar Pell Court Baroness (East) 10/10/1987
214 Gunther Schwarzwaldsohn Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
215 Deirdre Gwyn Robinson Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
216 Otfrid Amersthaler Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
217 Morien ap Rhys Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
218 Thorgrim Ulfsson Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
219 Adin Tinkar Award of Arms (East) 10/10/1987
220 Adin Tinkar Queen's Cypher (East) 10/10/1987
221 Tearlach the Profane Queen's Cypher (East) 10/10/1987
222 Gwennyth of Tanglewood Queen's Cypher (East) 10/10/1987
223 Anne Elizabeth of Surrey Burdened Tyger (East) 10/10/1987
224 Bronwyn Acthorn Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 10/10/1987
225 Octa Bluetooth Burdened Tyger (East) 10/10/1987
226 Cian Dreamaker Cuchullain Burdened Tyger (East) 10/10/1987
227 Armand de Crecy Burdened Tyger (East) 10/10/1987
228 Richard of Anglespur Burdened Tyger (East) 10/10/1987
229 Glynis Ciara of Trawsfyndd Maunche (East) 10/10/1987
230 Friedric Tomassen av Knusslig Hamn Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 10/10/1987
231 Tristen of Lochmor Companion of the Tygers Combattant (East) 10/10/1987

* Items on Coronation date may be from previous reign
+ Items on Coronation date may be from next reign

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