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OP Line

Awards by Reign

Horic and Lea
October 21, 1989 (AS 24) - April 7, 1990 (AS 24)

Arms of the East

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Awards bestowed during this reign in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

OP Line

# Recipient Award Date
1 Cadwan Galwiddoe of Redmarch Award of Arms (East) 11/3/1989
2 Cenwulf Bearwes Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
3 France-Lyse du Berger Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
4 Gunther von Drachenstein Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
5 Isadora Drachenstein Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
6 Justinian Timagenes Award of Arms (Atenveldt) 11/4/1989
7 Rooke Pendragon Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
8 Runestar Roundtree Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
Agincourt Tourney (East)
# Recipient Award Date
9 Balthazar Thornguard Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
10 Marion of Preston Tygers Cub (East) 11/4/1989
11 Oriana Greycloak Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
12 Robin Argyll du Coeur Ailé Companion of the Maunche (East) 11/4/1989
13 Theoden the Oarsman Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
14 Tassilo d'Auxerre Award of Arms (East) 11/4/1989
15 Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee Tygers Combattant (East) 11/4/1989
# Recipient Award Date
16 Krystl von Sussen Award of Arms (East) 11/5/1989
17 Arlof O’Donovae of Aranmor Companion of the Chivalry (Trimaris) 11/11/1989
18 Arlof O’Donovae of Aranmor Knight (Trimaris) 11/11/1989
Crown Tournament (East)
# Recipient Award Date
19 Rooke Pendragon Award of Arms (East) 11/11/1989
20 Cenwulf Bearwes Award of Arms (East) 11/11/1989
21 Angharad Ryfedd ferch Gwenllian Dda Silver Crescent (East) 11/11/1989
22 Magdalena Geertruidis van den Oost Silver Crescent (East) 11/11/1989
23 France-Lyse du Berger Award of Arms (East) 11/11/1989
# Recipient Award Date
24 Lorenz Greylever Tygers Cub (East) 11/18/1989
Hundred Minutes War (East)
# Recipient Award Date
25 Robin MacLaine Tygers Cub (East) 11/18/1989
26 Thomas Hickson Award of Arms (East) 11/18/1989
27 Eilonwy ferch Morgant Maunche (East) 11/18/1989
28 Andrew Kelson MacLaine Award of Arms (East) 11/18/1989
# Recipient Award Date
29 Alionor Katerina de Florviolet Award of Arms (East) 12/2/1989
30 Aoibhel of Dun Holen Award of Arms (East) 12/2/1989
31 Bedawyr of Avaricum Companion of the Chivalry (East) 12/2/1989
32 Gyllian Sprigg Award of Arms (East) 12/2/1989
33 Ragnarr of Elandris Award of Arms (East) 12/2/1989
Aethelmearc Investiture (East)
# Recipient Award Date
34 Raùl MacLaren Award of Arms (East) 12/2/1989
35 Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake Silver Crescent (East) 12/2/1989
36 Cigfran O Caer Gwalch Silver Crescent (East) 12/2/1989
37 Jeanelle of Leeshire Award of Arms (East) 12/2/1989
38 Haakon Oaktall Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 12/2/1989
39 Bedawyr of Avericum Knight (East) 12/2/1989
40 Cassadoria Fionn-Ghail Court Baroness (East) 12/2/1989
# Recipient Award Date
41 Jan Friederich van Schaak Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
42 Margery Coulano de Tracey of Toddington Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 12/9/1989
43 Reginlief Ulfsdottir Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
Yule Revel (Bergental Yule) (East)
# Recipient Award Date
44 Rowan of Riversend Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
45 Robert Blackwood, the Pirate Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
46 Elizabeth Wolf Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
47 Rennata MacDougall Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
48 Gordon McDougalls Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
49 Nicolette Bonhomme Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
50 Hugh Silverfeather Award of Arms (East) 12/9/1989
51 Margery Toddington Silver Crescent (East) 12/9/1989
52 Tigar of Toddington Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 12/9/1989
53 Edwin Beerslayer Tygers Combattant (East) 12/9/1989
54 Thorkatla Herjolfsdottir Companion of the Maunche (East) 12/9/1989
55 Elwynne Rowenna of Wentworth Companion of the Maunche (East) 12/9/1989
# Recipient Award Date
56 Catlin nic Bryan of Sterlynge Vayle Award of Arms (East) 12/20/1989
Midwinter Revel in Concordia (East)
# Recipient Award Date
57 Catlin nic Bryan of Sterlyng Vale Award of Arms (East) 12/29/1989
58 Amorel of Glenn Linn Award of Arms (East) 12/29/1989
59 Mathgamain O’Brien of Glenn Linn Award of Arms (East) 12/29/1989
60 Briane the Blackhawk of Glenn Linn Award of Arms (East) 12/29/1989
61 Poor Meeghann the Pitiful of Brewers Keep Award of Arms (East) 12/29/1989
62 Jokal de Cassen of Concordia Award of Arms (East) 12/29/1989
63 Louise La Motte of Concordia Award of Arms (East) 12/29/1989
# Recipient Award Date
64 Amorel of Glenn Linn Award of Arms (East) 12/30/1989
65 Brian the Blackhawk Award of Arms (East) 12/30/1989
66 Catlin nic Bryan of Sterlynge Vayle Award of Arms (East) 12/30/1989
67 Jokal de Cassen of Concordia Award of Arms (East) 12/30/1989
68 Louise LaMotte Award of Arms (East) 12/30/1989
69 Mathgamain O'Brien Award of Arms (East) 12/30/1989
70 Meghan the Pitiful Award of Arms (East) 12/30/1989
71 Astryda Borowska Purple Fret (Middle) 1/2/1990
72 Alienor Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
73 Ambrin the Dancer Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
74 Astrid Wolfcounsel Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
75 Atai Yoshina Viscount (Drachenwald) 1/6/1990
76 Bjorn Korpklo Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
77 Broder Botvid Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
78 Bryon l'Ours Argent du Bourgognes Chivalry (East) 1/6/1990
79 Cassandra Theodosius Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
80 Deirdre Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
81 Eireann Il Dana Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
82 Elfrun Jarntand Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
83 Emeric Wendel the Diversified Maunche (East) 1/6/1990
84 Evonne la Doucette de Rouen Viscount (Drachenwald) 1/6/1990
85 Giacomo Vincinti Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
86 Gwydion Caerbhalian ap Machsen Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
87 Kassimimr Dumbrowski Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
88 Katerin Jonsdotter Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
89 Kira of Callanish Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
90 Leopold Adlerspeer Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
91 Nicholas de Mont Nord Tygers Combattant (East) 1/6/1990
92 Ragnvald Joransson Ek Master of the Pelican (East) 1/6/1990
93 Severre Saxesson Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
94 Sophia Mulbach Maunche (East) 1/6/1990
95 Thorleifur Drekahofud Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
96 Ulfr Thunthar Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
Market Day at Birka, Stonemarche (East)
# Recipient Award Date
97 Catrin o'r Rhyd Fôr Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
98 Juraj z Bratislavi Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
99 Tegwen ferch Cydifor ap Bleddyd Tygers Cub (East) 1/6/1990
100 Aryana van Wyck Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
101 Brighid Charthach Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
102 Gideon Alexandru de Sighisoara Award of Arms (East) 1/6/1990
103 Emeric Wendel Maunche (East) 1/6/1990
104 Elaine Courtenay Companion of the Maunche (East) 1/6/1990
# Recipient Award Date
105 Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon Companion of the Golden Feather of Artemisia (Artemisia) 1/13/1990
106 Rhys of Harlech Companion of the Chivalry (East) 1/13/1990
107 Rouland Carre Dolphin (Caid) 1/13/1990
East Kingdom Twelfth Night, Marwick (East)
# Recipient Award Date
108 Morwynna Cryw Award of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
109 Geoffrey Chamberlain Award of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
110 Ian of Clan Mitchell Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/13/1990
111 Octa Bluetooth Silver Crescent (East) 1/13/1990
112 Veronica of Manchester Award of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
113 Munemasa Kosempu Award of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
114 Rhys of Harlech Knight (East) 1/13/1990
115 Rhys of Harlech Companion of the Patent of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
116 Jessa of Avondale Court Baroness (East) 1/13/1990
117 Jessa of Avondale Grant of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
118 Mitchell MacBain Grant of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
119 Mitchell MacBain Court Baron (East) 1/13/1990
120 Giovanni di Settmour Award of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
121 Andrea Caitlin MacIntyre Award of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
122 Muirdeach of Carrigart Companion of the Tygers Combattant (East) 1/13/1990
123 William Keith FitzGaranhir Award of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
124 Garlon Dragonheart ap Rheged Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 1/13/1990
125 Oswald von dem Grünwald Court Baron (East) 1/13/1990
126 Oswald von dem Grünwald Grant of Arms (East) 1/13/1990
# Recipient Award Date
127 Kenn Award of Arms (East) 1/14/1990
128 Llfa Award of Arms (East) 1/14/1990
St. Agnes Court of Love, Dragonship Haven (East)
# Recipient Award Date
129 Fiona Ohannon Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
130 Kovar the Black Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
131 Formis della Scala Tygers Cub (East) 2/3/1990
132 Alyssia McPenn of Maplehall Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
133 Dunstin le Noie Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
134 Julian of Bergental Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
135 Christofer Hoyland the Embarassable Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
136 Ariel of Caer Myrddin Companion of the Maunche (East) 2/3/1990
137 Cecelia Constanza de Castelon Maunche (East) 2/3/1990
138 William O'Ryan Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
139 Kristen de Kennett Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
140 Joram Goldspoons Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
141 Adhemar de Villarquamada Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
142 Qadagin-u Jajiradai Award of Arms (East) 2/3/1990
143 Leah di Estera Companion of the Maunche (East) 2/3/1990
144 Daryl of Avallon Companion of the Maunche (East) 2/3/1990
# Recipient Award Date
145 Aurelia the Astrologer Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
146 Johannes Baumlieder Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
147 Robert Buchanan of Linlithgow Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
148 Robert of Burns House Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
Purim at the Beastwood, Blak Rose/Montvale/Dawnfield (East)
# Recipient Award Date
149 Marian O'Liam Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
150 Freydis Wolvesbrat Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
151 Michael Cliffson Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
152 Tirza bithe Reaboughes Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
153 Faolchadh of Dubh Linn Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
154 Etiene of Montevale Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
155 Arthur of the Black Marsh Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
156 Jung Meh Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
157 Hasan de Tanger Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
158 Beatrice of Blackrose Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
159 Maud of Dawnfield Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
160 Sorcha Chathasach Award of Arms (East) 2/10/1990
# Recipient Award Date
161 Damiana Morgana delle Onde Companion of the Panache (Drachenwald) 2/17/1990
162 Johanes von Brakeshiem Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
163 Jonathan Thorn Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
164 Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg Baron Andelcrag (Middle) 2/17/1990
165 Sirenus Corlutte Ruhamme Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
Valentine's Dance Revel, Carolingia (East)
# Recipient Award Date
166 Elaigne Kerr Mistress of the Laurel (East) 2/17/1990
167 Ilaine de Cameron Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
168 Wolf of Ulster Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
169 Sven Svensson Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
170 Melinda of the Weresheep Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
171 Peter the Red Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
172 Justin du Coeur Companion of the Terpsichore (East) 2/17/1990
173 Rowan Kalkin Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
174 Meriadoc Annoeth of the Towers Fells Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
175 Dughall MacAran Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
176 Aldred the Windbourne Award of Arms (East) 2/17/1990
177 Olaf of Trollheimfjord Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 2/17/1990
178 Katerina Helenavon [Schoenborn] Burdened Tyger (East) 2/17/1990
# Recipient Award Date
179 Etain ni Morrgan Award of Arms (East) 2/24/1990
180 Guido Martini of Tinacria Award of Arms (East) 2/24/1990
181 Haggar Hot Blood Award of Arms (East) 2/24/1990
182 Jacqueline Award of Arms (East) 2/24/1990
183 James Allen of Haworth Award of Arms (East) 2/24/1990
184 Lorick Barakon Award of Arms (East) 2/24/1990
185 Margaret MacDuibhshithe Award of Arms (East) 2/24/1990
Aethelmearc Coronet Tourney, Misty Highlands (East)
# Recipient Award Date
186 Ellesif den Flakkingskvinne Companion of the Maunche (East) 2/24/1990
# Recipient Award Date
187 Barry MacFadyen Duke (East) 3/3/1990
188 Magnus the Oarman Award of Arms (East) 3/3/1990
Stella Bellum, Iron Bog (East)
# Recipient Award Date
189 Alana of Carillion Award of Arms (East) 3/3/1990
190 Stonewall de Punstar Award of Arms (East) 3/3/1990
191 Stonewall de Punstar Troubadour (East) 3/3/1990
192 Mathilde Eschenbach Companion of the Maunche (East) 3/3/1990
193 Meghan Fitzgerald Maunche (East) 3/3/1990
194 Anna Herold von Ossenheim Companion of the Maunche (East) 3/3/1990
195 Elizabeth Talbot of Meath Companion of the Maunche (East) 3/3/1990
196 Gavin Kilkenny of Kilcarren Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 3/3/1990
197 Sirhan al Siani Companion of the Tygers Combattant (East) 3/3/1990
198 Tamar the Gypsy Companion of the Terpsichore (East) 3/3/1990
Mudthaw, Settmour Swamp (East)
# Recipient Award Date
199 Sweyn Edmundson Award of Arms (East) 3/10/1990
200 Valery Eugenia Fitzgerald Award of Arms (East) 3/10/1990
201 Dylan Fitzgerald Maunche (East) 3/10/1990
202 Nicetas Lecapenus of Antioch Companion of the Maunche (East) 3/10/1990
203 Tauna Aelswith Maunche (East) 3/10/1990
204 Camilla Ginevra di Capri Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 3/10/1990
205 Christopher Darras Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 3/10/1990
206 Bartholomew the Bewildered Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 3/10/1990
207 Merlynia of Rivenoak Grant of Arms (East) 3/10/1990
208 Merlynia of Rivenoak Court Baroness (East) 3/10/1990
# Recipient Award Date
209 Guido Halevi Aldina Award of Arms (East) 3/17/1990
210 Morien ap Rhys Laurel (East) 3/17/1990
Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon, Rhydderich Hael (East)
# Recipient Award Date
211 Jonathan Blaecstan Companion of the Maunche (East) 3/17/1990
212 Robin the Just Troubadour (East) 3/17/1990
213 Richard Tyler of Swiftwater Silver Crescent (East) 3/17/1990
214 Rolf Schwartz Terpsichore (East) 3/17/1990
215 Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner Court Baron (East) 3/17/1990
216 Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner Grant of Arms (East) 3/17/1990
# Recipient Award Date
217 Gunther Redbeard Award of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
218 Oraina Award of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
219 Peregrine the Illuminator Award of Arms (Middle) 3/24/1990
Coronet Tourney in Drachenwald (East)
# Recipient Award Date
220 Klement St. Christoph Master of the Laurel (East) 3/24/1990
221 Klement St. Christoph Grant of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
222 Klement St. Christoph Baron Knight's Crossing (Drachenwald) 3/24/1990
223 Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov Grant of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
224 Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov Court Baron (East) 3/24/1990
225 Cathlin Sommerfield Grant of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
226 Cathlin Sommerfield Court Baroness (East) 3/24/1990
227 Atai Yoshina Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 3/24/1990
228 Nezumi Chusai Award of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
229 Gaston Grenoville Award of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
230 Thomas Aidoc Vender Award of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
231 Comai Lonquis Blackburn Award of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
232 Brendan Lochmorre Award of Arms (East) 3/24/1990
# Recipient Award Date
233 Adan Calentaur Award of Arms (East) 4/7/1990
234 Gregor Heiseler Companion of the Chivalry (East) 4/7/1990
235 Sarra Elisabeth Graeham of Birnham Companion of the Dragon's Heart (Middle) 4/7/1990
236 Sarra Elisabeth Graeham of Birnham Grant of Arms (Middle) 4/7/1990
Last Court, Settmour Swamp (East)
# Recipient Award Date
237 Tara Ann of Marwick Award of Arms (East) 4/7/1990
238 Sigrid de Lorraine Award of Arms (East) 4/7/1990
239 Teric Gwynedd Award of Arms (East) 4/7/1990
240 Ursus of the River Award of Arms (East) 4/7/1990
241 Kai de Ravenglas Companion of the Sagittarius (East) 4/7/1990
242 Bjorn Karlsson Companion of the Sagittarius (East) 4/7/1990
243 Randal of the Dark Companion of the Sagittarius (East) 4/7/1990
244 Paigan Crawford Queen's Cypher (East) 4/7/1990
245 Sedalia MacNare Queen's Cypher (East) 4/7/1990
246 Sinora of the Later Hours Queen's Cypher (East) 4/7/1990
247 Mary of Carrigart Tygers Cub (East) 4/7/1990
248 Aleksandra de Accipitre Mistress of the Laurel (East) 4/7/1990
249 Gregor Heiseler Knight (East) 4/7/1990
250 Dawyd z Gury Court Baron (East) 4/7/1990
251 Dawyd z Gury Grant of Arms (East) 4/7/1990
First Court, Settmour Swamp (East)
# Recipient Award Date

* Items on Coronation date may be from previous reign
+ Items on Coronation date may be from next reign

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