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OP Line

Awards by Reign

Lucan III and Elspeth
October 5, 1996 (AS 31) - April 5, 1997 (AS 31)

Arms of the East

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Awards bestowed during this reign in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

OP Line

# Recipient Award Date
1 Antoine de Bayonne Award of Arms (East) 10/12/1996
2 Briget nic Faoiltiarn Award of Arms (East) 10/12/1996
3 Edmond Dracatorr Chivalry (East) 10/12/1996
4 Juliana von Altenfeld Companion of the Leaf of Merit (West) 10/12/1996
5 Kaer Havoc the Wild Award of Arms (East) 10/12/1996
6 Karana Yabokchi Award of Arms (East) 10/12/1996
7 William FitzBubba Companion of the Star of Merit (Ansteorra) 10/12/1996
8 William FitzBubba Grant of Arms (East) 10/12/1996
9 Zinoviia Mikulina doch' Korabel'nikova zhena Companion of the Stag's Heart (Outlands) 10/12/1996
Pointless War, Atlantia (East)
# Recipient Award Date
10 Edwin Beerslayer Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 10/12/1996
11 Leah di Estera Mistress of the Laurel (East) 10/12/1996
12 Edmund Dracateur Knight (East) 10/12/1996
# Recipient Award Date
13 Daibhith Clarsiachean Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1996
14 John the Brewer Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1996
15 Minamoto Nakatsune Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1996
16 Sorcha MacBradaigh Award of Arms (East) 10/19/1996
Queen's Birthday, Bridge (East)
# Recipient Award Date
17 Catriona nic Pharlain Award of Arms (East) 10/20/1996
18 Ian Raven of Tadcaster Award of Arms (East) 10/20/1996
19 Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy Award of Arms (East) 10/20/1996
20 I Sebastiani Commedia dell’Arte Troupe Troubadour (East) 10/20/1996
21 Geoffrey de Wygan Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 10/20/1996
Crown Tourney, Rusted Woodlands (East)
# Recipient Award Date
22 Achilles son Asia Crown Prince (East) 10/26/1996
23 Moruadh of An Tir Caillte Crown Princess (East) 10/26/1996
24 Branwen of House Raven’s Moon Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1996
25 Thomas of Northpass Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1996
26 Denaya Treeslayer Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1996
27 Gabriella Verde Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1996
28 Zachary Wolfhunter Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1996
29 Ana Ravaya de Guzmán Award of Arms (East) 10/26/1996
30 Achilles son Asia Companion of the Shield of Chivalry (East) 10/26/1996
Legends of Chivalry, Canton of the Towers (East)
# Recipient Award Date
31 Dante de Felice Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 11/2/1996
32 Marietta Angelica de Felice Antonio Burdened Tyger (East) 11/2/1996
33 Dughall MacAran Burdened Tyger (East) 11/2/1996
34 Dughall MacAran Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
35 William Atwood Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
36 Larissa of Swanmere Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
37 Dov ben Walter Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
38 Ealhswith of Evesham Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
39 Simon Kenric Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
40 Angus Scrymgeoure Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
41 Logan Mc Tavish Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
42 Stefan Skywatcher Silver Crescent (East) 11/2/1996
43 Susana del Lago Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 11/2/1996
44 Dante de Felice Mistress of the Laurel (East) 11/2/1996
Simplefare, Fennbrycg (East)
# Recipient Award Date
45 Iseabail Urchardainn Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
46 Roger de Guillaume Award of Arms (East) 11/2/1996
47 Ragnarr Two-Axe of the Swamp Maunche (East) 11/2/1996
# Recipient Award Date
48 Otto the Obscure Companion of the Stag's Heart (Outlands) 11/9/1996
49 Peregrine the Illuminator Companion of the Northshield Cross (Northshield) 11/9/1996
50 Arianna Award of Arms (East) 11/16/1996
51 Cedric of Armorica Award of Arms (East) 11/16/1996
52 Jana of Cravesmore Award of Arms (East) 11/16/1996
53 Jean Marren Duval Award of Arms (East) 11/16/1996
54 Moira Fennor of Argyll Court Baroness (Atlantia) 11/16/1996
55 Nigel Award of Arms (East) 11/16/1996
56 Yngvar the Dismal Companion of the Chivalry (East) 11/23/1996
Hundred Minutes War (East)
# Recipient Award Date
57 Connor MacLiam Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 11/23/1996
58 Domhnal MacFhionndara Award of Arms (East) 11/23/1996
59 Oksana Goncharova Award of Arms (East) 11/23/1996
60 Haraldr Bassi Award of Arms (East) 11/23/1996
61 Caterina Giaocchini Award of Arms (East) 11/23/1996
62 Phinion ap Llewelyn Maunche (East) 11/23/1996
63 Loriwynn the Harper Maunche (East) 11/23/1996
64 Joseph Lawrence van der Cullen Maunche (East) 11/23/1996
65 Seanan an Chasur Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 11/23/1996
66 Yngvar the Dismal Knight (East) 11/23/1996
East Kingdom University, Ruantallan (East)
# Recipient Award Date
67 Felicity Blindshooter of Wolfsgate Award of Arms (East) 11/30/1996
68 Sylvan Elkinson Award of Arms (East) 11/30/1996
69 Elspeth of the Mayfair Award of Arms (East) 11/30/1996
70 Elspeth of the Mayfair Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 11/30/1996
71 Harold von Auerbach Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 11/30/1996
72 Elkin de Verre Maunche (East) 11/30/1996
73 Adrianna of Aberystwyth Maunche (East) 11/30/1996
74 Anastassia Wakefield of Coventry Troubadour (East) 11/30/1996
75 Armand de l’Abacus Award of Arms (East) 11/30/1996
76 Adèle de Lyon Award of Arms (East) 11/30/1996
77 Elizabeth Darnley Award of Arms (East) 11/30/1996
78 Elene of Lochcarron Award of Arms (East) 11/30/1996
79 Lyanna of Kerneough Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 11/30/1996
80 Harold von Auerbach Court Baron (East) 11/30/1996
81 Aine Callaghan Grant of Arms (East) 11/30/1996
82 Aine Callaghan Court Baroness (East) 11/30/1996
# Recipient Award Date
83 Angus Olyver Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
84 Christiana of Sydeneia Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
85 Gabriella d’Asti Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
86 Georg Eisenfaust Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
87 Gwilenhin ap Fflewddwr Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
88 Jacopo di Niccolò Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
Bridge Birthday, Bridge (East)
# Recipient Award Date
89 Marion MacGregor Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
90 Geoffrey de Wygan Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
91 Rowan Elvesham Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
92 Moruadh of An Tir Caillte Award of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
93 Sarant the Myopic Court Baron (East) 12/7/1996
94 Sarant the Myopic Grant of Arms (East) 12/7/1996
Italian Renaissance Yule, Bhakail (East)
# Recipient Award Date
95 Adrian Alonzo De Cadiz Award of Arms (East) 12/14/1996
96 Ragnar of Silverlake Award of Arms (East) 12/14/1996
97 Beorn O’Dea Award of Arms (East) 12/14/1996
98 Cristovau Vasquez Troubadour (East) 12/14/1996
99 Fujimoto Saburou Masamune Companion of the Troubadour (East) 12/14/1996
100 Lucrezia Franceschina Andreini Companion of the Troubadour (East) 12/14/1996
101 Philadelphia Brown Companion of the Terpsichore (East) 12/14/1996
102 Mathilde Eschenbach Companion of the Terpsichore (East) 12/14/1996
# Recipient Award Date
103 Maximilian Delmonico Stag's Blood (Outlands) 12/22/1996
104 Robin Wallace Companion of the Chivalry (East) 1/4/1997
East Kingdom Twelfth Night (East)
# Recipient Award Date
105 Lucrezia Franceschina Andreini Companion of the Maunche (East) 1/4/1997
106 Isabella of York Companion of the King's Order of Excellence (East) 1/4/1997
107 Johanna Dudley Mistress of the Pelican (East) 1/4/1997
108 Aquel of Darksted Wood Master of the Pelican (East) 1/4/1997
109 Robin Wallace Companion of the Master at Arms (East) 1/4/1997
110 Ferall von Halstern “Kingmaker” Companion of the Kingdom Augmentation of Arms (East) 1/4/1997
# Recipient Award Date
111 Gideon of Thescorre Award of Arms (East) 1/11/1997
112 Kay Leigh Drake Court Baroness (Ansteorra) 1/11/1997
113 Kay Leigh Drake Grant of Arms (Ansteorra) 1/11/1997
114 Magdalena Kestrel Court Baroness (Atlantia) 1/18/1997
115 Wulfbrand Weigand Court Baron (Atlantia) 1/18/1997
East Kingdom University, Carolingia (East)
# Recipient Award Date
116 Maria Elisabeta Gonzaga Award of Arms (East) 1/25/1997
117 John Irongut Award of Arms (East) 1/25/1997
118 Kali Harlansson of Gotland Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 1/25/1997
119 Caryl de Trecesson Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 1/25/1997
120 Cormac Longstrider Award of Arms (East) 1/25/1997
121 Rosalind atte Rylle Award of Arms (East) 1/25/1997
122 Thomas the Unnamed Award of Arms (East) 1/25/1997
123 Umm Salamagulina-na ibnat asuman-dukht Al Basrai yyatun Mah huly Award of Arms (East) 1/25/1997
124 Robert de Rostok Award of Arms (East) 1/25/1997
125 Bevin of Forest Reach Award of Arms (East) 1/25/1997
126 Pamelina of Avon Troubadour (East) 1/25/1997
127 Harold Longfellow Troubadour (East) 1/25/1997
128 Yelizaveta Medvedeva Troubadour (East) 1/25/1997
# Recipient Award Date
129 Ailís inghean Mhuirghein Court Baroness (East) 2/1/1997
130 Harold von Auerbach Baron Stonemarche (East) 2/1/1997
131 Margery Coulano de Tracey of Toddington Mistress of the Laurel (East) 2/1/1997
132 Seamus Donn Master of the Pelican (Drachenwald) 2/1/1997
Market Day at Birka, Stonemarche (East)
# Recipient Award Date
133 Xavier Ramiriz Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
134 Sunniva Ormstung Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
135 Sabina Portinari Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
136 Bridget McPhie Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
137 Yitzhak ibn Yoshua Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
138 Dughal McCafferty Terpsichore (East) 2/1/1997
139 Coenric of Scarborough Marsh Terpsichore (East) 2/1/1997
140 Lalage la Peregrina Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
141 Anthony Reese Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
142 Ceri of Caaerfrybdin Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
143 Catherine Peacock Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
144 Tristan Macdonald Award of Arms (East) 2/1/1997
145 Claus of Burzee Companion of the King's Order of Excellence (East) 2/1/1997
146 Ian Gunn Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 2/1/1997
147 Amethysta of Kensington Silver Crescent (East) 2/1/1997
148 Brita Mairi Svensdottir Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 2/1/1997
149 Margarey Culano de Tracey Mistress of the Laurel (East) 2/1/1997
150 Krakken Gnashbone Master of the Pelican (East) 2/1/1997
Black Rose Ball, Bridge (East)
# Recipient Award Date
151 Genevieve d’Anjou Award of Arms (East) 2/15/1997
# Recipient Award Date
152 Derdrui Gilbride Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
153 Gunnarr the Smith Sycamore (AEthelmearc) 2/22/1997
154 Juliana de Luna Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
155 Seumas Camshronach an Lochabair Grant of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
156 Seumas Camshronach an Lochabair Companion of the Goutte de Sang (An Tir) 2/22/1997
Queen's Feast, Debatable Lands (East)
# Recipient Award Date
157 Dani of Seven Wells Maunche (East) 2/22/1997
158 Tofi Kerjalfsen Maunche (East) 2/22/1997
159 Genevieve de Cauldfont Maunche (East) 2/22/1997
160 Cecily of Auria Ripea Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
161 Ceridwen of Cour d’Or Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
162 Christopher Troweslagh Terpsichore (East) 2/22/1997
163 Filip of the Marche Terpsichore (East) 2/22/1997
164 Elisabeth Borden Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
165 Aleysia Trelease Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
166 Caitlin the Patient Troubadour (East) 2/22/1997
167 Edmundo de Monreal Troubadour (East) 2/22/1997
168 Donan the Solitary Troubadour (East) 2/22/1997
169 Kieran MacRae Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
170 Michael Alwright Award of Arms (East) 2/22/1997
171 Will Langdon of Greymorne Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 2/22/1997
172 Ardis Bluemantle Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 2/22/1997
173 Rurik Longsword Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 2/22/1997
174 Johan von Traubenberg Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 2/22/1997
175 Arianna of Wynthrope Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 2/22/1997
176 Fidelco de Rochefort Master of the Laurel (East) 2/22/1997
# Recipient Award Date
177 Alaric MacGregor Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
178 Griffen Fraser Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
179 Johannes the Fungus Slayer Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
180 Tola knitýr Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
181 Wibrandis Hufschmied Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
King's and Queen's Fencing Champions, Carillion (East)
# Recipient Award Date
182 Alain Longship Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
183 Ruslan Novgorodcev Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 3/1/1997
184 Dulcia Sabine Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
185 Duncan Macleod Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
186 Krey Macleod Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
187 Theresa Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
188 Orlando Sforza Award of Arms (East) 3/1/1997
189 Armand de la Poor Golden Rapier (East) 3/1/1997
190 Enrique di Valencia King's Champion of Rapier (East) 3/1/1997
191 Brock Jarlsson Queen's Champion of Rapier (East) 3/1/1997
Crystal Snowflake Ball, Concordia of the Snows (East)
# Recipient Award Date
192 Kyran O’Conghaile Award of Arms (East) 3/8/1997
193 Rüdiger Lutz Award of Arms (East) 3/8/1997
194 Katherine Montclair Award of Arms (East) 3/8/1997
195 Kassandra Lundgarten Award of Arms (East) 3/8/1997
196 Failtigearna ingen uí Artáin Companion of the Troubadour (East) 3/8/1997
197 Elazar ben Shmuel Award of Arms (East) 3/8/1997
198 Olivia de la Paz Award of Arms (East) 3/8/1997
199 eLeri of Nefyn Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 3/8/1997
Gulf Wars (East)
# Recipient Award Date
200 Celestine di Chatham Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 3/15/1997
# Recipient Award Date
201 Allasandro Devereaux Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1997
202 Corwin Alexander Templeton Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1997
203 Devon Douglas Corah Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1997
204 Kieran ap Kyndrowan Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1997
205 Matilda Bosville de Bella Aqua Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1997
206 Mina Ain Al’Rahman of Dragon’s Bane Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1997
207 Xavier the Eccentric Burdened Tyger (East) 3/22/1997
Royal Bardic Championships, An Dubhaigeainn (East)
# Recipient Award Date
208 Cecelia von dem Morgenrote Award of Arms (East) 3/22/1997
209 Geoffrei St. Albans of Eastwood Sagittarius (East) 3/22/1997
210 Mikhail Reubenovic Kopaczewski Silver Crescent (East) 3/22/1997
211 Beowulf Wyrmcleaw tha Meerstapa Court Baron (East) 3/22/1997
212 Ruaraidh an Cu King's Champion of Bardic (East) 3/22/1997
213 Denkwert Maccabee Bathory Queen's Champion of Bardic (East) 3/22/1997
214 Anastasia Diaz de Léon Mistress of the Laurel (East) 3/22/1997
# Recipient Award Date
215 Beautrice de Hameldone Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
216 Eleni of Carolingia Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
217 Elsbeth Turnbull Viscount (AEthelmearc) 4/5/1997
218 Godwin Fitzhugh Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
219 Gustav of Sylvan Glen Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
220 Rurik Longsword Viscount (AEthelmearc) 4/5/1997
First Court, Coronation (East)
# Recipient Award Date
Last Court, Coronation, Bergental (East)
# Recipient Award Date
221 Jocelyn Tarr Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
222 Ulf Ulfson Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
223 Meadhbh ni Loingsigh Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
224 Derek vom Schwartzwald Award of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
225 Rhys of Harlech Companion of the King's Order of Excellence (East) 4/5/1997
226 Aria de Chatillon Companion of the King's Order of Excellence (East) 4/5/1997
227 Avelina Keyes Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 4/5/1997
228 A'isha bint Jamil Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 4/5/1997
229 Caitlin Davies Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 4/5/1997
230 Susana del Lago Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 4/5/1997
231 Susana del Lago Grant of Arms (East) 4/5/1997
232 Pompinea Beatrice Andreini Troubadour (East) 4/5/1997
233 Alaric von Drachenklaue Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 4/5/1997
234 Caitlin Ó hAodha Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1997
235 Rowan Elvesham Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1997
236 Marion MacGregor Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1997
237 Azelin Cola of Wishford Hall Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1997
238 Jana von Drachenklaue Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1997
239 Steffan ap Cenydd of Silverwing Queen's Cypher (East) 4/5/1997
240 Cenwulf Bearwes Companion of the Maunche (East) 4/5/1997
241 Caitlin Ó hAodha Mistress of the Pelican (East) 4/5/1997
242 Jessa of Avondale Mistress of the Pelican (East) 4/5/1997

* Items on Coronation date may be from previous reign
+ Items on Coronation date may be from next reign

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