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Awards by Reign

Brion and Anna
October 3, 1998 (AS 33) - April 10, 1999 (AS 33)

Arms of the East

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Awards bestowed during this reign in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

OP Line

# Recipient Award Date
1 Margarete of Stirlingshire Companion of the Dragon's Heart (Middle) 10/10/1998
2 AEthelhawk Keyfinder Companion of the Silver Oak (Middle) 10/29/1998
3 Orlando dei Medici Award of Arms (East) 11/7/1998
4 Thorvald Halversson Companion of the Shield of Chivalry (East) 11/7/1998
Crown Tournament (East)
# Recipient Award Date
5 Thorkatla Herjolfsdottir Mistress of the Laurel (East) 11/7/1998
6 Adele Krin Award of Arms (East) 11/7/1998
7 Kenric aet Essex Companion of the Sagittarius (East) 11/7/1998
8 Aegir Garmisson Award of Arms (East) 11/7/1998
9 Mark Squirrelsbane Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 11/7/1998
10 Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 11/7/1998
11 Murshida bint Safia al Andalusi Award of Arms (East) 11/7/1998
12 Fionn Dundaclep MacNessa Award of Arms (East) 11/7/1998
13 Camma an Daraich Companion of the Maunche (East) 11/7/1998
14 Jehan du Lac Companion of the Maunche (East) 11/7/1998
15 John MacGuire Companion of the Maunche (East) 11/7/1998
16 Briana de Luna Companion of the Maunche (East) 11/7/1998
17 Marietta Aurelia da Bari Award of Arms (East) 11/7/1998
18 Ahtor Lys MacDavit Award of Arms (East) 11/7/1998
Shire Anniv. & Fall Harvest (East)
# Recipient Award Date
19 Isabella des Loups Award of Arms (East) 11/14/1998
20 Diana Scott Award of Arms (East) 11/14/1998
21 Svein de Falaise Award of Arms (East) 11/14/1998
22 Màiri inghean mhic an Toisich Award of Arms (East) 11/14/1998
23 Tokigata Tajima Award of Arms (East) 11/14/1998
24 Matthew Marshall Award of Arms (East) 11/14/1998
25 Kete Mac Laomain Award of Arms (East) 11/14/1998
26 Guilelmo d’Este Silver Crescent (East) 11/14/1998
27 Scholastica de Chalons Silver Crescent (East) 11/14/1998
28 Heloise de Castiliones Award of Arms (East) 11/14/1998
29 Everard Martel Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 11/14/1998
# Recipient Award Date
30 Baltasar Mondragon Grant of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
31 Baltasar Mondragon Baron Concordia of the Snows (East) 11/21/1998
32 Lucia Francesca de Valencia Baroness Concordia of the Snows (East) 11/21/1998
33 Lucia Francesca de Valencia Grant of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
19th Bjorn's Ceilidh /Investiture (East)
# Recipient Award Date
34 eLeri of Nefyn Court Baroness (East) 11/21/1998
35 Lucia Francesca de Valencia Baroness Concordia (East) 11/21/1998
36 Monenaga Soiichiro Baron Concordia (East) 11/21/1998
37 Katarina la Juste Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
38 Cassair ní Dheoráin Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
39 Jacques Phillipe Touson de la Champagne Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
40 Allyn Min Teanga Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 11/21/1998
41 Crispin Cox Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
42 David Drake Vandeleer Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
43 Elisabeth of Concordia Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
44 Rebecca of Concordia Tygers Cub (East) 11/21/1998
45 Evaine MacGreger Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
46 Faylan Niall Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
47 Deirdre O'Rourke Maunche (East) 11/21/1998
48 Katherine Montclair Maunche (East) 11/21/1998
49 Ignacia la Ciega Award of Arms (East) 11/21/1998
50 Louise LaMotte Silver Crescent (East) 11/21/1998
51 Mathgamain O'Brien Silver Crescent (East) 11/21/1998
# Recipient Award Date
52 Eleanore MacCarthaigh Companion of the King's Council (Artemisia) 11/28/1998
Bergental Yule (East)
# Recipient Award Date
53 Otto Goldkopf Award of Arms (East) 12/5/1998
54 Anna Harcourt de Pomeroy Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 12/5/1998
55 Álfdís Gráeyga Maunche (East) 12/5/1998
56 David Gladstone Award of Arms (East) 12/5/1998
57 Geoffrey Fitz Galen Master of the Laurel (East) 12/5/1998
# Recipient Award Date
58 Branwen Ottersby Baroness Black Diamond (Atlantia) 12/1/1998
59 Cooks Guild of Owl's Reste Burdened Tyger (East) 12/1/1998
60 El of the Two Knives Grant of Arms (East) 12/1/1998
61 Eleanor fitzPatrick Fountain (Atlantia) 12/1/1998
62 Jehan le Batard Shield of Chivalry (East) 12/1/1998
63 Jehanne l'Enragee Companion of the Troubadour (East) 12/1/1998
64 Justine of the Free Companions Award of Arms (East) 12/1/1998
65 Lyle FitzWilliam Fountain (Atlantia) 12/1/1998
66 Lyle FitzWilliam Fountain (Bergental) 12/1/1998
67 Maighread ni Loingsigh Tygers Cub (East) 12/1/1998
68 Otto the Obscure Baron Black Diamond (Atlantia) 12/1/1998
69 Stephan of Silverforge Award of Arms (Middle) 12/1/1998
70 Justinian Timagenes Fleur de Soleil (Atenveldt) 1/2/1999
71 Bebhinn Inghean Ui Siodhachain Emerald Seas (Trimaris) 1/16/1999
Twelfth Night (East)
# Recipient Award Date
72 Harald Hawkinson Tygers Combattant (East) 1/16/1999
73 Theoden the Oarsman Tygers Combattant (East) 1/16/1999
74 B’Ellana de Rouge Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
75 Dietrich von Hammer Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
76 Dougal MacDonald Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
77 Gui avec Cheval de Guise Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
78 Minna Gantz, wife of Warren Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
79 Warren of Hartshorndale Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
80 Arik Cour de Luttrere Silver Crescent (East) 1/16/1999
81 Marika az Keves Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
82 Vika Grigina z Prahy Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
83 Deonora Riddyhough Mistress of the Laurel (East) 1/16/1999
84 Adhemar de Villarquamada Master of the Laurel (East) 1/16/1999
85 Thomas de Castellan Master of the Pelican (East) 1/16/1999
86 Allisdair McColl Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
87 Mhairi nic Coll Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
88 Andrea Caitlin MacIntyre Companion of the Maunche (East) 1/16/1999
89 Timothy of Arindale Companion of the Maunche (East) 1/16/1999
90 Geoffrey of York Award of Arms (East) 1/16/1999
91 Arnulf Adler Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/16/1999
92 Laura della Francesca Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/16/1999
93 Marared Llangarron Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 1/16/1999
# Recipient Award Date
94 Cynthia du Pré Argent Court Baroness (West) 1/23/1999
95 Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo Companion of the Jambe de Lion (An Tir) 1/23/1999
96 Francois Thibault Grant of Arms (West) 1/23/1999
Market Day at Birka (East)
# Recipient Award Date
97 Baildrin MacEinri Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
98 Connor MacGlandris Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
99 Connor Tentburner Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
100 Emma Grey of Warwickshire Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
101 Kseniia Smol’nyanina Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
102 Katarine Sichling von Nürnberg Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 1/23/1999
103 Julian le Scot Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 1/23/1999
104 Morgana Filla Draconia Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
105 Nona ferch Morgan ap Iefan Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
106 Claus of Burzee Companion of the Maunche (East) 1/23/1999
107 Aurora of Stonemarche Tygers Cub (East) 1/23/1999
108 Stefan Hochreiter Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
109 Tristan the Harper Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
110 Emrys y Cynydd Sagittarius (East) 1/23/1999
111 Tamsin Whitlock Companion of the Sagittarius (East) 1/23/1999
112 Sabina of Stonemarche Award of Arms (East) 1/23/1999
113 Anna Dimitriova Belokon Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/23/1999
114 Conrad MacAllyn Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/23/1999
115 Kai Maclane Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/23/1999
116 Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 1/23/1999
117 Myrddin o'r Afon Silver Crescent (East) 1/23/1999
118 Giovanna del Penna Mistress of the Pelican (East) 1/23/1999
King & Queen's Bardic Champs. (East)
# Recipient Award Date
119 Anna Cole Award of Arms (East) 1/30/1999
120 Stuart Martin MacDonnell Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 1/30/1999
121 Aleksandr Ruslanovich Yevsha Grant of Arms (East) 1/30/1999
122 Failtigearna ingen uí Artáin Grant of Arms (East) 1/30/1999
123 Morwenna Westerne Companion of the King's Champion of Bardic (East) 1/30/1999
124 Linette de Gallardon Companion of the Queen's Champion of Bardic (East) 1/30/1999
125 Tahira of Carolingia Troubadour (East) 1/30/1999
# Recipient Award Date
126 Aetheric Lindberende Companion of the Maunche (East) 2/20/1999
King & Queen's Fencing Tourney (East)
# Recipient Award Date
127 Jerryd DeWayne King's Champion of Rapier (East) 2/20/1999
128 Jerryd DeWayne Golden Rapier (East) 2/20/1999
129 Frasier MacLeod Queen's Champion of Rapier (East) 2/20/1999
130 Kaitlyn O’Shea Award of Arms (East) 2/20/1999
131 Luke Knowlton Silver Crescent (East) 2/20/1999
132 Aetheric Lindberende Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 2/20/1999
133 Tanniscent Rhiannon Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 2/20/1999
134 Joram Goldspoons Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 2/20/1999
135 Sylvia du Vey Award of Arms (East) 2/20/1999
136 Isa of Ruantallan Award of Arms (East) 2/20/1999
137 Alys Mackyntoich Mistress of the Pelican (East) 2/20/1999
# Recipient Award Date
138 Frithuric Ulman Trefoil (Outlands) 2/27/1999
139 Alethea Eastriding Award of Arms (East) 3/11/1999
140 Lorenzo il Confuso Sea Stag (Atlantia) 3/20/1999
Northern Lights VIII (East)
# Recipient Award Date
141 Cara ni Cheallaigh Award of Arms (East) 3/20/1999
142 Maire nic Ardhghail Award of Arms (East) 3/20/1999
143 Mary Tygers Cub (East) 3/20/1999
144 Michael Acrensis Award of Arms (East) 3/20/1999
145 Mairghread mac Neachdainn Award of Arms (East) 3/20/1999
146 Colm MacCennae Award of Arms (East) 3/20/1999
147 Linden of Corleiss Arche Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 3/20/1999
148 Irene Lenoir Mistress of the Laurel (East) 3/20/1999
# Recipient Award Date
149 Kacie Camshronach an Lochabair Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
150 Muirrin Camshronach an Lochabair Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
151 Ragnar Dragonheart Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
Mudthaw (East)
# Recipient Award Date
152 Sean of Quintavia Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
153 Fujiwara no Aoi Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
154 Wilthein Wisbram Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
155 Gwenneth of Dragon’s Ger Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
156 Eduard von Konstanz Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
157 Nissim the Wanderer Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
158 Orlando Sforza Silver Crescent (East) 3/27/1999
159 Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 3/27/1999
160 James Hawk Galloway Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 3/27/1999
161 Aminah al-Zahara Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
162 Cassiella di Sai Octobre Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
163 Geoffrei St. Albans of Eastwood Maunche (East) 3/27/1999
164 Jonathan Miles Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
165 Otgon the Bemused Award of Arms (East) 3/27/1999
166 Gregor Heiseler Master of the Pelican (East) 3/27/1999
# Recipient Award Date
167 Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen Grant of Arms (East) 4/10/1999
Last Court at Coronation (East)
# Recipient Award Date
168 Hubert d'Avignon Award of Arms (East) 4/10/1999
169 Kamilah men al Sudan Terpsichore (East) 4/10/1999
170 Aelfwyn Marie von Augsburg Burdened Tyger (East) 4/10/1999
171 Mahliqa bint Ali Maunche (East) 4/10/1999
172 Rosalind Bennett Companion of the Maunche (East) 4/10/1999
173 Baltasar Mondragon Companion of the Tygers Combattant (East) 4/10/1999
174 Aelfgifu of the Hazel Thicket Companion of the Tygers Combattant (East) 4/10/1999
175 Fujimoto Saburou Masamune Master of the Laurel (East) 4/10/1999
176 Lucrezia Franceschina Andreini Mistress of the Laurel (East) 4/10/1999
177 Mahliqa bint Ali Queen's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
178 Eleanor fitzPatrick Queen's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
179 Ana Ravaya de Guzmán Queen's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
180 Baildrin MacEinri Queen's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
181 Rosalind Bennett Queen's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
182 Duncan Kerr King's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
183 Arik Cour de Luttrere King's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
184 Elisheva bas Yehuda ha Cohen King's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
185 Gilcryst MacLochlainn King's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
186 Aleksandr Ruslanovich Yevsha King's Cypher (East) 4/10/1999
187 Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen Court Baron (East) 4/10/1999
First Court, Coronation (East)
# Recipient Award Date

* Items on Coronation date may be from previous reign
+ Items on Coronation date may be from next reign

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