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OP Line

Awards by Reign

Hanse II and Moruadh II
April 10, 1999 (AS 33) - September 25, 1999 (AS 34)

Arms of the East

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Awards bestowed during this reign in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

OP Line

# Recipient Award Date
1 Rhiannon the Curious Grant of Arms (East) 4/16/1999
2 Laure Aleire de Laon Companion of the Popular Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald) 4/17/1999
Spring So. Region War Practice (East)
# Recipient Award Date
3 Violeante de Rojas Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
4 Francesco de Grimm Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
5 Isabella of Owl’s Reste Tygers Cub (East) 4/24/1999
6 Constancia AElfwinesdottir Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
7 Connor McPhaddin Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
8 Alasdair MacLeod of Durna Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
9 Alasdair MacLeod of Durna Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 4/24/1999
10 Cian ua’Lochan Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
11 Dankwert Bathory Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
12 Shannon the Lost Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
13 Wolffrem Mikosevaar Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
14 Aelfgeorn Harbeard Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
15 Alsandryr St. Claire Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
16 William of Arindale Award of Arms (East) 4/24/1999
17 Geoffrey of York Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 4/24/1999
# Recipient Award Date
18 Guy Lestrange Award of Arms (Middle) 5/1/1999
19 Pellandres de l’Ile du Dragon Dormant Silver Crescent (East) 5/8/1999
Crown Tournament (East)
# Recipient Award Date
20 Ivan Ulrickson Shield of Chivalry (East) 5/8/1999
21 Thorvald Halversson Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 5/8/1999
22 Flavie de Mortemer Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
23 Cerdic the Bull Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
24 Macha Rotislav Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
25 Ludwig von Eisenburg Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
26 Marguerite de Fougère Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
27 Daria Jotham Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
28 Ciara ni Nelligan Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
29 Thibeau de Montfort Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
30 Clara da Mungiovi Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
31 Pierre d’Abbéville Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
32 Elene of Lochcarron Companion of the Maunche (East) 5/8/1999
33 Aetheric Lindberende Companion of the Maunche (East) 5/8/1999
34 Didier de Montfort Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
35 Godomar di Sidin Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
36 Liam McHaley Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
37 Aethelstan Osricson Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
38 Katherine Thompson of Melton Mowbray Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
39 Godfroy de Falaise Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 5/8/1999
40 Dugan Makgowin of Aydel Silver Crescent (East) 5/8/1999
41 Paul André Jacques Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 5/8/1999
42 Igor Rostislavitch Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
43 Anastasia Adrianova Award of Arms (East) 5/8/1999
# Recipient Award Date
44 Yesunge Altan Torse (Calontir) 5/15/1999
Boredom War XIII (East)
# Recipient Award Date
45 Nastassiia Ivanova Medvedeva Award of Arms (East) 5/15/1999
46 Cynan ap Rhys Award of Arms (East) 5/15/1999
47 Arioch the Quick Golden Rapier (East) 5/15/1999
48 Eibhlín ní Ghallchobair Award of Arms (East) 5/15/1999
49 Clotilde von der Insel Mistress of the Laurel (East) 5/15/1999
# Recipient Award Date
50 Aurelia Rufinia Award of Arms (Middle) 5/22/1999
K&Q Archery/C. Region (East)
# Recipient Award Date
51 Geoffroi St. Albans of Eastwood Queen's Champion of Archery (East) 5/29/1999
52 Li Kung Lo Companion of the King's Champion of Archery (East) 5/29/1999
53 Valerie del Varra Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
54 Orzel of Dragonship Haven Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
55 Curren Frostfeather Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
56 Hiyama no Kufuka Oniko Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
57 Shi-lung of Dragon’s Aerie Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
58 Arianna Ravenstar of Wolfwood Maunche (East) 5/29/1999
59 Devorgilla O’Brannigan Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
60 Dante of Mountain Freehold Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
61 Helen of Mountain Freehold Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
62 Iago el Matador de Pesco Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
63 Kieru na Aldwyn Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
64 Javairia bint Haroun Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
65 Roibhlin MacDomnial Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
66 Morag ni Folidas Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
67 Angharad verch Rees Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
68 Sean o Wode Troubadour (East) 5/29/1999
69 Katharine Slough Award of Arms (East) 5/29/1999
Panteria/K&Q Equestrian 2 (East)
# Recipient Award Date
70 Liam of Tarragon Award of Arms (East) 5/30/1999
71 Muirenn Echluath ingen airt Award of Arms (East) 5/30/1999
72 Alice Nele Award of Arms (East) 5/30/1999
73 Madeline Olafsdottir King's Champion of Horse (East) 5/30/1999
74 Ellen du Grandchamp Queen's Champion of Horse (East) 5/30/1999
# Recipient Award Date
75 Henry an Eynhallow Award of Arms (East) 5/31/1999
All the Queen's Men (East)
# Recipient Award Date
76 Gabriel of Lyonshall Award of Arms (East) 6/5/1999
77 Ascelinne de Chambord Award of Arms (East) 6/5/1999
78 Jake de Twelfoaks Award of Arms (East) 6/5/1999
79 Adelaide Wanderer Award of Arms (East) 6/5/1999
80 Isabella d'Allaines-le-Comte Award of Arms (East) 6/5/1999
81 Colin MacKenzie Award of Arms (East) 6/5/1999
82 Elissa Dondain Award of Arms (East) 6/5/1999
# Recipient Award Date
83 Ceinwen ferch Llewelyn ab Owain Award of Arms (AEthelmearc) 6/12/1999
Barren Sands War (East)
# Recipient Award Date
84 Sabina Wüterich Award of Arms (East) 6/12/1999
85 Lachlann of Sterling Award of Arms (East) 6/12/1999
86 Alisaundre Quinnye Award of Arms (East) 6/12/1999
87 Tamara MacPherson Award of Arms (East) 6/12/1999
88 Amber Ottersdottir Award of Arms (East) 6/12/1999
89 Harolt of House Bloodguard Award of Arms (East) 6/12/1999
90 Sandor of Barren Sands Award of Arms (East) 6/12/1999
91 Celina de los Rizados Award of Arms (East) 6/12/1999
# Recipient Award Date
92 Saerlaith ingen Cinneide Orion (Ealdormere) 6/18/1999
93 Ciara McRobbie Silver Oak (Middle) 6/19/1999
94 Kofryna the Goatherd Pearl (Atlantia) 6/19/1999
95 Kofryna the Goatherd Golden Dolphin (Atlantia) 6/19/1999
Northern Region War Camp (East)
# Recipient Award Date
96 Joel of Ragnesfolke Award of Arms (East) 7/3/1999
97 Mira Foxrun Award of Arms (East) 7/3/1999
98 Sionnan Caitriona O’Mustay Award of Arms (East) 7/3/1999
99 Julia of Glenn Linn Queen's Honor of Distinction (East) 7/3/1999
100 Bertrand de St. John Award of Arms (East) 7/3/1999
101 Ogedei Becinjab Award of Arms (East) 7/3/1999
102 Chiara da Montepulciano Award of Arms (East) 7/3/1999
103 Lucia Francesca de Valencia Companion of the Maunche (East) 7/3/1999
GNW/K&Q Tourney Champ. (East)
# Recipient Award Date
104 Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon Companion of the King's Champion of Arms (East) 7/17/1999
105 Gilchryst MacLochlainn Queen's Champion of Arms (East) 7/17/1999
106 Mary of the High Hills Award of Arms (East) 7/17/1999
107 Engraçia de Madrigal Companion of the Terpsichore (East) 7/17/1999
108 Kalina Tiger Tamer Award of Arms (East) 7/17/1999
109 Leod Raffle Dudh Award of Arms (East) 7/17/1999
110 Brion mac Eideard of Westmoor Troubadour (East) 7/17/1999
111 Miles of Stanway Award of Arms (East) 7/17/1999
112 Herian Iarnsmidre Maunche (East) 7/17/1999
113 Adrienne d'Evreus Award of Arms (East) 7/17/1999
114 Katheryn Thompson of Melton Mowbray Award of Arms (East) 7/17/1999
115 Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 7/17/1999
116 Marared Llangarron Silver Crescent (East) 7/17/1999
Southern Region War Camp (East)
# Recipient Award Date
117 Magdalena van der Brugghe Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
118 Oriana Chorlton Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
119 Anne Liese Wolkenhaar Companion of the Troubadour (East) 7/24/1999
120 Giacomo of Eisental Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
121 Martin Diaz Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
122 Tovah bat David Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
123 Jacobina of White Moor Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
124 Areusa Salvadorez Gustioz Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
125 Kristinia le Fay Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
126 Erec Appollinarus Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
127 Genevieve de Bordeaux Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
128 Ryggr Kveldulfsson Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
129 Gillian Holroyd MacLachlan of House d’Avignon Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
130 Verminard von Shrakenburg Award of Arms (East) 7/24/1999
131 Ysabeau de Saint Wanderielle Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 7/24/1999
132 Roen Dentilliere de la Voile Rouge Silver Crescent (East) 7/24/1999
Pennsic (day?) (East)
# Recipient Award Date
133 Clan Hanashi Blue Tyger Legion (East) 8/1/1999
# Recipient Award Date
134 Kay Leigh Drake Companion of the White Scarf (Ansteorra) 8/7/1999
135 Justinian Timagenes Grant of Arms (Atenveldt) 8/14/1999
136 Justinian Timagenes White Scarf (Atenveldt) 8/14/1999
137 Guy Lestrange Companion of the Shark's Tooth (Atlantia) 8/16/1999
138 Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla Companion of the Keystone (AEthelmearc) 8/17/1999
139 Matteo Pesci Golden Alce (AEthelmearc) 8/17/1999
140 Amsha al Sirhan Silver Crescent (East) 8/18/1999
Pennsic - Eastern Court (East)
# Recipient Award Date
141 Balfar von Gruenwald Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 8/18/1999
142 Suzanne Neuber de Londres Mistress of the Laurel (East) 8/18/1999
143 Sigurgh Sheafing Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
144 Daffyd ap Llewelyn Tygers Cub (East) 8/18/1999
145 Philip Capenaros Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
146 Formis della Scala Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
147 Brigitte Flamin Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
148 Dakar Ulfr Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
149 Kamilah men al Sudan Maunche (East) 8/18/1999
150 Karl of Meerstapa Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 8/18/1999
151 Sven Aelfrickson Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
152 Pai Wei Lung Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
153 Haraldr Bassi Silver Crescent (East) 8/18/1999
154 Ivan Ulrickson Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 8/18/1999
155 Fiona the Clanless Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
156 Dramzellia MacKenzie Cornwallace Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
157 Hans ter Beke Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 8/18/1999
158 Patricia of the Tangled Wilds Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
159 Lucan von Drachenklaue Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 8/18/1999
160 Ricardo del Costa Verde Award of Arms (East) 8/18/1999
# Recipient Award Date
161 Lucius Aurelius Varus Grant of Arms (Ealdormere) 8/19/1999
162 Lucius Aurelius Varus Thorbjorn's Hammer (Ealdormere) 8/19/1999
163 Tibor of Rock Valley Companion of the Iren Fera (Calontir) 8/20/1999
Pennsic - Great Court (East)
# Recipient Award Date
164 Amsha al Sirhan Mistress of the Pelican (East) 8/20/1999
# Recipient Award Date
165 Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo Viscountess (East) 8/21/1999
166 Laure Aleire de Laon Award of Arms (Drachenwald) 8/22/1999
167 Allegria Michelina di Limbri Award of Arms (Atlantia) 8/28/1999
Icefalcon's Chivalry Challenge (East)
# Recipient Award Date
168 Muriel Kerbouchard Award of Arms (East) 9/4/1999
169 Ian Douglas Award of Arms (East) 9/4/1999
# Recipient Award Date
170 Morgan ap Rhys ap Bran Grant of Arms (East) 9/11/1999
Dragons Flight/Rapier Academy (East)
# Recipient Award Date
171 Sebastian Gregor Thorne Award of Arms (East) 9/11/1999
172 Eilís ní Bhraonáin Companion of the Maunche (East) 9/11/1999
173 Morgan ap Rhys ap Bran Court Baron (East) 9/11/1999
174 Eomer of Bridge Award of Arms (East) 9/11/1999
175 Brita Mairi Svensdottir Mistress of the Pelican (East) 9/11/1999
# Recipient Award Date
176 Julian le Scot Grant of Arms (East) 9/18/1999
Legends of Chivalry III (East)
# Recipient Award Date
177 Anton LaFlamme de Saint Aubin Award of Arms (East) 9/18/1999
178 Anton LaFlamme de Saint Aubin Queen's Cypher (East) 9/18/1999
179 Eleanor fitzPatrick Queen's Cypher (East) 9/18/1999
180 Eleanor fitzPatrick King's Cypher (East) 9/18/1999
181 Svava Þorgeirsdóttir Award of Arms (East) 9/18/1999
182 Kassandra Aiantide Award of Arms (East) 9/18/1999
183 Nisaa Karahisari Award of Arms (East) 9/18/1999
184 Ygraine de Llannfairre Award of Arms (East) 9/18/1999
185 Morwynna Cryw Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 9/18/1999
186 Amanda of Stonemarche Tygers Cub (East) 9/18/1999
187 Krya of Carolingia Tygers Cub (East) 9/18/1999
188 Lilie of Eastham Award of Arms (East) 9/18/1999
189 Steffan ap Cenydd of Silverwing Companion of the Maunche (East) 9/18/1999
190 Margaret Holmwood Maunche (East) 9/18/1999
191 Miles of Whitewood Hall Companion of the Burdened Tyger (East) 9/18/1999
192 Julian le Scot Court Baron (East) 9/18/1999
193 Aleksandr Ruslanovich Yevsha Master of the Laurel (East) 9/18/1999
# Recipient Award Date
194 Alpin McKinnon Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 9/25/1999
195 Cynthia of Oakenwode Grant of Arms (East) 9/25/1999
First Court, Coronation (East)
# Recipient Award Date
Last Court, Coronation (East)
# Recipient Award Date
196 Aegis von Drachenklaue of Mountain Freehold Award of Arms (East) 9/25/1999
197 Ryutsume no Kazoku Ishioka Tora no Botsume (Alpin McKinnon) Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 9/25/1999
198 Helena die Winterosen Award of Arms (East) 9/25/1999
199 Rowan Elvesham Grant of Arms (East) 9/25/1999
200 Linden of Corleiss Arche Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 9/25/1999
201 Kenric aet Essex Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 9/25/1999
202 Stefan Joseph Award of Arms (East) 9/25/1999
203 Cynthia of Oakenwode Court Baroness (East) 9/25/1999
204 Giovanna del Penna Companion of the Maunche (East) 9/25/1999
205 Katherine Stanhope Queen's Cypher (East) 9/25/1999
206 Rosalind Bennett Queen's Cypher (East) 9/25/1999
207 Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen Queen's Cypher (East) 9/25/1999
208 Duncan Kerr King's Cypher (East) 9/25/1999
209 Duncan Thorfinnsson King's Cypher (East) 9/25/1999
210 Alexandera Cupbearer King's Cypher (East) 9/25/1999
211 Balfar von Gruenwald King's Cypher (East) 9/25/1999

* Items on Coronation date may be from previous reign
+ Items on Coronation date may be from next reign

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