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OP Line

Awards by Reign

Kenric III and Avelina III
April 9, 2016 (AS 50) - October 1, 2016 (AS 51)

Arms of the East

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Awards bestowed during this reign in the order bestowed, grouped by event.

OP Line

Balfar's Challenge (Dragonship Haven)
# Recipient Award Date
1 Galen Avdenmork Tygers Cub (East) 4/16/2016
2 Sorcha inghean Ui Duinn Award of Arms (East) 4/16/2016
3 Rodrigo de Medina Award of Arms (East) 4/16/2016
4 Rumhann MacDuibhsidhe an Bhlog Seolta Award of Arms (East) 4/16/2016
5 Sybill Teller Award of Arms (East) 4/16/2016
6 Llewelyn ap Goddodin Maunche (East) 4/16/2016
7 Rhode Kephalania Maunche (East) 4/16/2016
8 Quintin Brilliant Defense (East) 4/16/2016
Smoking Rocks 40th Birthday (Smoking Rocks)
# Recipient Award Date
9 Lasair an Fhraoich Silver Brooch (East) 4/23/2016
10 Haakon Ragnarson Silver Tyger (East) 4/23/2016
11 Bruka the Saracen Silver Tyger (East) 4/23/2016
12 Marguerite von Elfenau Silver Wheel (East) 4/23/2016
Crown Tourney (Havre des Glaces)
# Recipient Award Date
13 Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon Crown Prince (East) 4/30/2016
14 Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon Crown Princess (East) 4/30/2016
15 Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke Admiral of the Armies (East) 4/30/2016
16 Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke Companion of the Shield of Chivalry (East) 4/30/2016
17 Rheinhart Basorael Draculesti Award of Arms (East) 4/30/2016
18 Eudes de Creully Award of Arms (East) 4/30/2016
19 Peter de Bracebridge Award of Arms (East) 4/30/2016
20 Leana Doucet Award of Arms (East) 4/30/2016
21 Eyda von Rothenburg Award of Arms (East) 4/30/2016
22 Azim le Scout Award of Arms (East) 4/30/2016
23 Hakkan Al Bashir of Al-Karakal Award of Arms (East) 4/30/2016
24 Hakkan Al Bashir of Al-Karakal Silver Tyger (East) 4/30/2016
25 Lambert of Ille du Dragon Dormont Award of Arms (East) 4/30/2016
26 Lambert of Ille du Dragon Dormont Silver Tyger (East) 4/30/2016
27 Kazmer of House Al' Karakal Tygers Combattant (East) 4/30/2016
Sir Wilhelm's Hastilude and K&Q Champions of Arms (Dragonship Haven)
# Recipient Award Date
28 Gellyes Joffrey King's Champion of Arms (East) 5/14/2016
29 Kenimathor of Lochleven Queen's Champion of Arms (East) 5/14/2016
30 Antonius Blandus Tygers Combattant (East) 5/14/2016
31 Morwenna O'Hurlihie Award of Arms (East) 5/14/2016
War of the Roses (Concordia of the Snows)
# Recipient Award Date
32 Cedar Bearfoot Award of Arms (East) 5/28/2016
33 Zadia of Bergental Gilder (East) 5/28/2016
34 Cat MacPhárlain Tygers Cub (East) 5/28/2016
35 Stitch MacPhárlain Tygers Cub (East) 5/28/2016
36 Roxanne Ravenhall Award of Arms (East) 5/28/2016
37 John fitz Thomas Award of Arms (East) 5/28/2016
38 Skarpaðinn Inn Havi Award of Arms (East) 5/28/2016
39 Janna von Guggisberg Award of Arms (East) 5/28/2016
40 Meadhbh Hawtin Award of Arms (East) 5/28/2016
41 Meagan De Hautville called Bean Gawain (East) 5/28/2016
42 Sisuile Butler Silver Brooch (East) 5/28/2016
43 Godric inn hviti ulfr Silver Tyger (East) 5/28/2016
44 Robert of Anglespur Silver Rapier (East) 5/28/2016
45 Elewys of Anglespur Silver Rapier (East) 5/28/2016
46 Anne de Basillon Silver Rapier (East) 5/28/2016
47 Guy of Glastonbury Silver Wheel (East) 5/28/2016
48 Aiden McShane Silver Wheel (East) 5/28/2016
49 Abel atte Watere Silver Wheel (East) 5/28/2016
50 Muirenn ingen Dunadaig Silver Wheel (East) 5/28/2016
51 Heather Rose de Gordoun Laurel (East) 5/28/2016
52 Arnleif the Red Silver Crescent (East) 5/28/2016
K&Q Archery and Thrown Weapons (Quintavia)
# Recipient Award Date
53 Godric of Hamtun Ludicrous Bowman (East) 6/4/2016
54 Matteo Geovese Queen's Champion of Thrown Weapons (East) 6/4/2016
55 Magnus the Broken King's Champion of Thrown Weapons (East) 6/4/2016
56 Peter the Red Companion of the Queen's Champion of Archery (East) 6/4/2016
57 Godric of Hamtun King's Champion of Archery (East) 6/4/2016
58 Erdene Qadajin Award of Arms (East) 6/4/2016
59 Elrick of Quintavia Award of Arms (East) 6/4/2016
60 Julian Weissraben Silver Brooch (East) 6/4/2016
61 Matthias Grunwold Silver Rapier (East) 6/4/2016
62 Ysane la fileresse Silver Crescent (East) 6/4/2016
63 Thyra Eiriksdottir Companion of the Maunche (East) 6/4/2016
64 Nest verch Tangwistel Mistress of the Pelican (East) 6/4/2016
Southern Region War Camp (Carillion)
# Recipient Award Date
65 Vachir Artslanjin Silver Tyger (East) 6/10/2016
66 Alexi Gensel Silver Tyger (East) 6/10/2016
67 Brom de Fechten Silver Tyger (East) 6/10/2016
68 Alexandros von Halstern Silver Tyger (East) 6/10/2016
69 Rory McClellan Tygers Combattant (East) 6/10/2016
70 Antonii Machinevik Tygers Combattant (East) 6/10/2016
71 Simon Montgumery Tygers Combattant (East) 6/10/2016
72 Erhart von Stuttgart Pelican (East) 6/10/2016
73 Lu An Hua Silver Wheel (East) 6/10/2016
74 Dionise O'Towie Silver Wheel (East) 6/10/2016
75 Arnora Ketilsdottir Silver Wheel (East) 6/10/2016
76 Margretha La Fauvelle Companion of the Silver Wheel (East) 6/10/2016
77 Erich Hundeman Chivalry (East) 6/10/2016
78 Declan Gobha Silver Wheel (East) 6/10/2016
79 Evalina Von Schaideg Silver Wheel (East) 6/10/2016
80 Katherine Meade Silver Wheel (East) 6/10/2016
81 Sybilla of Rona Silver Wheel (East) 6/10/2016
82 Tim the Humble Silver Brooch (East) 6/10/2016
83 Mongu Chinua Silver Brooch (East) 6/10/2016
84 Engraçia de Madrigal Companion of the Silver Brooch (East) 6/10/2016
85 Suuder Saran Apollo's Arrow (East) 6/10/2016
86 Vivianne Dunbar Maunche (East) 6/10/2016
87 Tanczos Ilona Silver Crescent (East) 6/10/2016
88 Robert the Doubtful Silver Crescent (East) 6/10/2016
89 Naomi bat Avraham Laurel (East) 6/10/2016
90 Orlando Sforza Defense (East) 6/10/2016
SCA 50-Year Celebration (East)
# Recipient Award Date
91 Magdelena Carminante Silver Wheel (East) 6/25/2016
Great Northeastern War (Malagentia (Province of))
# Recipient Award Date
92 Magnus the Broken Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
93 Matteo Geovese Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
94 William of Wyndhaven Silver Tyger (East) 7/9/2016
95 Fionn Mac Con Dhuibh Silver Tyger (East) 7/9/2016
96 Hugh of Ruantallan Silver Tyger (East) 7/9/2016
97 Greadden Scath Cath Beirte Olthursson Veassllurd Silver Tyger (East) 7/9/2016
98 Eoghan Bastard mac Lachlainn of Lochleven Tygers Combattant (East) 7/9/2016
99 Matthias Grunwold Chivalry (East) 7/9/2016
100 Abigail Crane Tygers Cub (East) 7/9/2016
101 Leon Cristo del Camino Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
102 Ragnarr Inn Grai Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
103 Cuan hua hOcain Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
104 Roslyn of Giggleswick Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
105 Odam an Doire Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
106 Shadiyah al-Zahra Laurel (East) 7/9/2016
107 Petr á Vatnahverfi Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
108 Benjamin of Thanet House Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
109 Axyl Steinhoffman Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
110 Mýrún Leifsdóttir Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
111 Urrāka al-Tha`labiyya Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
112 Eva Sutherland Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
113 Albrecht Ostergaard Award of Arms (East) 7/9/2016
114 Wynefryde Bredhers Silver Wheel (East) 7/9/2016
115 Katherine Murray Silver Wheel (East) 7/9/2016
116 Margaret Twygge of Skye Hill Silver Brooch (East) 7/9/2016
117 Delyth ferch Aeron Silver Brooch (East) 7/9/2016
118 Garth of Goldenoak Silver Brooch (East) 7/9/2016
119 Mallaidh of Huntley Silver Brooch (East) 7/9/2016
120 John of Yseaux Silver Brooch (East) 7/9/2016
121 Sunnifa Heinreksdóttir Laurel (East) 7/9/2016
122 Sabina Luttrell Court Barony (East) 7/9/2016
123 Seamus na Coille Aosda Maunche (East) 7/9/2016
124 Mary Elizabeth Ryan Silver Crescent (East) 7/9/2016
125 Isobel Mowbray Companion of the Silver Crescent (East) 7/9/2016
126 Erik Oxnalls Silver Crescent (East) 7/9/2016
127 Guthfrith Yrlingsson Golden Rapier (East) 7/9/2016
128 Agatha Wanderer Laurel (East) 7/9/2016
Baronial - Ravensdale Birthday Bash: Landing Party (Ruantallan)
# Recipient Award Date
129 Ásgeirr Þurs Award of Arms (East) 7/30/2016
Pennsic (AEthelmearc)
# Recipient Award Date
130 Talan ap Gueiluirth Silver Tyger (East) 8/7/2016
131 Talan Gwyllt Silver Tyger (East) 8/7/2016
132 Kit de Coldwood Silver Tyger (East) 8/7/2016
133 Ciaran d’alltherien Tostigh Silver Tyger (East) 8/7/2016
134 Sorcha Dhocair Golden Rapier (East) 8/7/2016
135 Tiernan MacAlpine Chivalry (East) 8/8/2016
136 Eon of Carolingia Award of Arms (East) 8/9/2016
137 Doroga Voronin Silver Rapier (East) 8/9/2016
138 Dionisio da Desio Silver Rapier (East) 8/9/2016
139 Lupold Hass von Zurich Golden Rapier (East) 8/9/2016
140 Mikjáll bogmaðr Master Bowman (East) 8/10/2016
141 Alexandria Guyon de Champagne Award of Arms (East) 8/10/2016
142 Sean of Malagentia Award of Arms (East) 8/10/2016
143 Keegan of Malagentia Award of Arms (East) 8/10/2016
144 Sean Dubh Award of Arms (East) 8/10/2016
145 Marian Rose Meerstappa Gilder (East) 8/10/2016
146 Marguerite inghean Lachlainn Royal Augmentation of Arms (East) 8/10/2016
147 Seán Ó Móráin Troubadour (East) 8/10/2016
148 Poplyr Childs Apollo's Arrow (East) 8/10/2016
149 Grimolfr Skulason Silver Wheel (East) 8/10/2016
150 Magnus de Londres Golden Mantle (East) 8/10/2016
151 Aneleda Cyntheria Falconbridge Companion of the Pennon of the East (East) 8/10/2016
152 Sigurthr VigurHafn Company of Pennon of the East (East) 8/10/2016
153 Vissevald Selkirksson Companion of the Pennon of the East (East) 8/10/2016
154 Colin Ursell Company of Pennon of the East (East) 8/10/2016
155 Nicolette Bonhomme Companion of the Pennon of the East (East) 8/10/2016
156 Medhbh inghean Cheallaigh Company of Pennon of the East (East) 8/10/2016
157 Magdelena Carminante King's Award of Esteem (East) 8/10/2016
158 Maggie Rue King's Award of Esteem (East) 8/10/2016
159 Kay Leigh Mac Whyte Companion of the King's Award of Esteem (East) 8/10/2016
160 Azelin Cola of Wishford Hall King's Award of Esteem (East) 8/10/2016
161 Remy Delemontagne da Gascogne King's Award of Esteem (East) 8/10/2016
162 Anne of Framlingham Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy (East) 8/10/2016
163 Dom Coelho do Buraco Court Barony (East) 8/10/2016
164 Alys Treeby Maunche (East) 8/10/2016
165 Isabel du Roys Silver Crescent (East) 8/10/2016
166 Samuel Peter Bump Master Bowman (East) 8/10/2016
167 Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande Laurel (East) 8/10/2016
168 Ruslan Novgorodcev Companion of the Tyger of the East (East) 8/10/2016
169 Handsome Boys Blue Tyger Legion (East) 8/12/2016
K&Q Equestrian Champions (Quintavia)
# Recipient Award Date
170 Lillian Stanhope King's Champion of Horse (East) 8/27/2016
171 Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragon Keep Queen's Champion of Horse (East) 8/27/2016
172 Gritta of Strangewayes Award of Arms (East) 8/27/2016
173 Fortune St. Keyne Burdened Tyger (East) 8/27/2016
174 Aleksei Dmitriev Burdened Tyger (East) 8/27/2016
175 Shire of Quintavia Company of Fellowship (East) 8/27/2016
176 Duncan Kerr Companion of the Silver Tyger (East) 8/27/2016
177 Ciarnait ighean Bhroin Maunche (East) 8/27/2016
178 Doucette de Verdun Mistress of the Pelican (East) 8/27/2016
Smoking Rocks Investiture (Smoking Rocks)
# Recipient Award Date
179 Richard Leviathan Baron Barony of Smoking Rocks (East) 9/3/2016
180 Alys Attewater Baroness Barony of Smoking Rocks (East) 9/3/2016
181 Ceawlin Ealhreding Court Barony (East) 9/3/2016
182 Ana Godefelaugh Award of Arms (East) 9/3/2016
183 William Bonesetter Award of Arms (East) 9/3/2016
184 Evelyn of Easton Award of Arms (East) 9/3/2016
185 Justinius Alexander Eternus Award of Arms (East) 9/3/2016
186 Elena Hylton King's Award of Esteem (East) 9/3/2016
187 Barabbas de Cilicia Tygers Combattant (East) 9/3/2016
John Barleycorn (Ostgardr)
# Recipient Award Date
188 Awz-ur the Boot-Giver Tygers Combattant (East) 9/10/2016
189 Suuder Saran Viceroy Ostgardr (East) 9/10/2016
190 Lada Monguligin Vicereine Ostgardr (East) 9/10/2016
191 Gui avec Cheval de Guise Court Baron (East) 9/10/2016
192 Cailleach Dhé ingen Chiaráin Award of Arms (East) 9/10/2016
193 Stephan O'Raghaillaigh Apollo's Arrow (East) 9/10/2016
194 Stephan O'Raghaillaigh Award of Arms (East) 9/10/2016
195 Ceinwen ferch Llewelyn ab Owain Silver Brooch (East) 9/10/2016
196 Gunnar Alfson Silver Tyger (East) 9/10/2016
197 Jenna Childslayer Silver Crescent (East) 9/10/2016
198 Brochmail de Anglespur Silver Crescent (East) 9/10/2016
199 Barbeta Kyrkeland Laurel (East) 9/10/2016
Neddingham County Faire (Bridge)
# Recipient Award Date
200 Clotilde von der Insel Seamstress to the Crown (East) 9/17/2016
201 Lucinda de la Tambor Silver Wheel (East) 9/17/2016
202 Amia Turner Silver Wheel (East) 9/17/2016
# Recipient Award Date
203 Conn Rosendubh Seamstress/Tailor to the Crown (East) 9/24/2016
Closing of the Inne at Coldwood (Coldwood)
# Recipient Award Date
204 Gavin Asgarson Gawain (East) 9/24/2016
205 Lilli of the Valley Tygers Cub (East) 9/24/2016
206 Allie of the Valley Tygers Cub (East) 9/24/2016
207 Emrys of Mountain Freehold Award of Arms (East) 9/24/2016
208 Emily of Mountain Freehold Award of Arms (East) 9/24/2016
209 Volmar Sollons Award of Arms (East) 9/24/2016
210 Beytill Aidenson Silver Tyger (East) 9/24/2016
211 Phelippe du Peirgore Tygers Combattant (East) 9/24/2016
212 Katharine Slough Silver Crescent (East) 9/24/2016
213 Brien McShane Chivalry (East) 9/24/2016
214 Albreda Aylese Maunche (East) 9/24/2016
HP - Feste des Bois (Bois Ardent)
# Recipient Award Date
215 Katherine Murray Prince's Champion of Archery (East) 9/24/2016
216 Katherine Murray Prince's Champion of Archery (East) 9/24/2016
217 Rheinhart Basorael Draculesti Silver Tyger (East) 9/24/2016
218 Guthfrith Yrlingsson Seamstress/Tailor to the Crown (East) 9/24/2016
219 Greta Thorfinsdottir Seamstress/Tailor to the Crown (East) 9/24/2016
220 Delyth ferch Aeron Seamstress/Tailor to the Crown (East) 9/24/2016
221 Mary Elizabeth Ryan Seamstress/Tailor to the Crown (East) 9/24/2016
222 Katherine Murray Seamstress/Tailor to the Crown (East) 9/24/2016
223 Isobel Mowbray Seamstress to the Crown (East) 9/24/2016
# Recipient Award Date
224 Medhbh inghean Cheallaigh King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
Last Court (Bergental)
# Recipient Award Date
225 Fiona O'Maille ó Chuan Coille Queen's Award of Esteem (East) 10/1/2016
226 Eleanore MacCarthaigh Companion of the Queen's Award of Esteem (East) 10/1/2016
227 Saerlaith Ingen Taithlig Queen's Award of Esteem (East) 10/1/2016
228 Culann mac Cianain King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
229 Lottieri Malocchio de Firenze King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
230 Mercedes Vera de Califia King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
231 Eleanor Lebrun Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
232 Alesone Gray of Cranlegh Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
233 Catalina de Valencia Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
234 Pagan Graeme King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
235 Pagan Graeme Court Baroness (East) 10/1/2016
236 Eleanore MacCarthaigh King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
237 Amia Turner Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
238 Fiona O'Maille ó Chuan Coille King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
239 Edmund of Hertford King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
240 Sabina Luttrell Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
241 Fergus Redmead King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
242 Fergus Redmead Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
243 Medhbh inghean Cheallaigh King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
244 Medhbh inghean Cheallaigh Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
245 Cormac MacEamon na Connemara King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
246 Cormac MacEamon na Connemara Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
247 Donovan Shinnock King's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
248 Donovan Shinnock Queen's Cypher (East) 10/1/2016
249 Þórlæifr hvitskegg Seamstress/Tailor to the Crown (East) 10/1/2016
250 Mirabel Belchere Weaver to the Crown (East) 10/1/2016
251 Violante do Porto Weaver to the Crown (East) 10/1/2016
252 Violante do Porto King's Award of Esteem (East) 10/1/2016
253 Connor Boddy Silver Tyger (East) 10/1/2016
254 Hildemar von Regensburg Silver Crescent (East) 10/1/2016
255 Lavina Attewode Court Barony (East) 10/1/2016
256 Lavina Attewode Grant of Arms (East) 10/1/2016
257 Lottieri Malocchio de Firenze Court Barony (East) 10/1/2016
258 Clotilde von der Insel Royal Augmentation of Arms (East) 10/1/2016
Coronation First Court (Bergental)
# Recipient Award Date

* Items on Coronation date may be from previous reign
+ Items on Coronation date may be from next reign

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