The Coronations of the Kings and Queens of the East

Reign Coronation Date Society Year
Maragorn and Adrienne 07/21/1968 A.S. III
Bruce and Florence 10/27/1968 A.S. III
Alpin and Morgana 08/24/1969 A.S. IV
Akbar and Khadijah 05/05/1970 A.S.V
Murad and Fatima 08/29/1970 A.S. V
Akbar II and Khadijah II 06/13/1971 A.S.VI
Rakkurai and Maureen 09/26/1971 A.S. VI
Cariadoc and Diana 07/08/1972 A.S. VII
Jehan and Lauryan 10/15/1972 A.S. VII
Akbar III and Khadijah III 01/06/1973 A.S. VII
Finnvarr and Caellyn 05/20/1973 A.S. VIII
Aonghais and Alyson 09/16/1973 A.S. VIII
Asbjorn and Eloise 04/20/1974 A.S. VIII
Cariadoc II and Diana II 10/19/1974 A.S. IX
Asbjorn II and Brekke 04/19/1975 A.S. IX
Aonghais II and Ysabeau 10/11/1975 A.S. X
Alaric and Yseult 04/24/1976 A.S. X
Laeghaire and Ysabeau II 10/09/1976 A.S. XI
Fernando and Ianthe 04/16/1977 A.S. XI
Frederick and Nicorlyn 10/08/1977 A.S. XII
Gyrth and Melisande 04/01/1978 A.S. XII
Bertrand and Allanda 10/14/1978 A.S. XIII
Seanan and Aidan 04/07/1979 A.S. XIII
Vissevald and Embla 10/06/1979 A.S. XIV
Gavin and Tamera 04/19/1980 A.S. XIV
Michael and Carissa 10/18/1980 A.S. XV
Siegfried and Wanda 04/04/1981 A.S. XV
Aelfwine and Arastorm 10/03/1981 A.S. XVI
Hasdrubal and Kunegunda 04/24/1982 A.S. XVI
Siegfried II and Wanda II 10/02/1982 A.S. XVI
Vissevald II and Mara 04/23/1983 A.S. XVII
Viktor and Sedalia 10/08/1983 A.S. XVIII
Hasdrubal II and Amber 04/14/1984 A.S. XVIII
Hanno and Kunegunda II 10/20/1984 A.S. XIX
Morguhn and Rowan 04/20/1985 A.S. XIX
Siegfried III and Wanda III 10/05/1985 A.S. XX
Ronald and Bronwyn 04/05/1986 A.S. XX
Sebastian and Sirillian 10/14/1986 A.S. XXI
Randal and Marieke 04/11/1987 A.S. XXI
Morguhn II and Rowan II 10/10/1987 A.S. XXII
Gavin II and Sedalia II 04/16/1988 A.S. XXII
Randal II and Katherine 10/15/1988 A.S. XXIII
Morguhn III and Maurya 04/15/1989 A.S. XXIII
Horic and Lea 10/21/1989 A.S. XXIV
Ronald II and Bronwyn II 04/07/1990 A.S. XXIV
Rhys and Elaina 10/06/1990 A.S. XXV
Randal III and Katherine II 04/06/1991 A.S. XXV
Balfar and Luna 10/05/1991 A.S. XXVI
Ruslan and Margaret 04/04/1992 A.S. XXVI
Lucan and Jana 10/03/1992 A.S. XXVII
Tsurunaga and Genevieve 04/03/1993 A.S. XXVII
Gregor and Christence 10/09/1993 A.S. XXVIII
Lucan II and Jana II 04/09/1994 A.S. XXVIII
Gregor II and Christence II 10/01/1994 A.S. XXIX
Timothy and Gabrielle 04/01/1995 A.S. XXIX
Balfar II and Luna II 09/30/1995 A.S. XXX
Bjorn and Morgen 04/13/1996 A.S. XXX
Lucan III and Elspeth 10/05/1996 A.S. XXXI
Hanse and Moruadh 04/05/1997 A.S. XXXI
Lucan IV and Caitlin 09/27/1997 A.S. XXXII
Timothy II and Gabrielle II 04/04/1998 A.S. XXXII
Brion and Anna 10/03/1998 A.S. XXXIII
Hanse II and Moruadh II 04/10/1999 A.S. XXXIII
Lucan V and Marieke II 09/25/1999 A.S. XXXIV
Balfar III and Luna III 04/08/2000 A.S. XXXIV
Andreas and Isabella 09/30/2000 A.S. XXXV
Hanse III and Olivia 04/21/2001 A.S. XXXV
Lucan VI and Yana III 09/29/2001 A.S. XXXVI
Darius and Roxane 04/06/2002 A.S. XXXVI
Andreas II and Isabella II 09/28/2002 A.S. XXXVII
Darius II and Roxane II 04/12/2003 A.S. XXXVII
Balfar IV and Luna IV 09/27/2003 A.S. XXXVIII
Gaufred Kelson and Geneviere 04/03/2004 A.S. XXXVIII
Thorvald and Svava 10/02/2004 A.S. XXXIX
Gaufred Kelson II and Geneviere II 04/02/2005 A.S. XXXIX
Darius III and Roxane III 09/24/2005 A.S. XL
Brion II and Anna II 04/01/2006 A.S. XL
Lucan VII and Jana IV 09/30/2006 A.S. XLI
Griffyth and Aikaterine 04/14/2007 A.S. XLI
Andreas III and Gabriella 09/29/2007 A.S. XLII
Konrad and Brenwen 04/12/2008 A.S. XLII
Darius IV and Alethea 09/27/2008 A.S. XLIII
Andreas IV and Gabrielle II 04/11/2009 A.S. XLIII
Konrad II and Brenwen II 10/03/2009 A.S. XLIV
Edward and Marguerite 04/10/2010 A.S. XLIV
Griffyth II and Aikaterine II 09/25/2010 A.S. XLV
Lucan VIII and Jana V 04/02/2011 A.S. XLV
Gregor III and Kiena 10/01/2011 A.S. XLVI
Kenrick and Avelina 04/14/2012 A.S. XLVI
Edward II and Thyra 10/13/2012 A.S. XLVII
Gregor IV and Kiena II 04/06/2013 A.S. XLVII
Kenric II and Avelina II 10/05/2013 A.S. XLVIII
Brennan and Caoilfhionn 04/05/2014 A.S. XLVIII
Edward III and Thyra II 10/27/2014 A.S. XLIX
Omega V and Etheldreda IV 04/11/2015 A.S. XLIX
Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II 10/03/2015 A.S. L

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