East Kingdom Precedence Reference Page

A helm, mantled purple and Or, crowned of an Eastern crown Or with a blue tyger issuant, and carrying the Eastern arms.

This is the Order of Precedence and Rolls of Orders of the East Kingdom of the SCA. The East Kingdom Order of Precedence is maintained by Master Rowen Cloteworthy, Shepherd's Crook Herald. The records in these files are current to the best of our ability and knowledge. If you find a mistake or omission, please email Shepherds.Crook@EastKingdom.org. If you are looking for court data less than a month or so old, please be lenient. Data is sometimes entered in batches. The authoritative versions of the files are held by the Shepherd's Crook Herald.

For a more complete description of each of the orders, see Awards and Honors in the East Kingdom by Mistress Jessa d'Avondale or East Kingdom Law, "Section IX - Awards".

Crested helm artwork by Lady Margaret Holmwood, former Pallet Herald. Used with permission.

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