Eastern Order of Precedence
OP Line

Order of the Tyger of the East

Recipients are listed in the order bestowed.

OP Line

SCA Name Award Date Ascending Event Bestowed By
Harold von Auerbach 6/14/2003 Stonemarche Baronial Investiture (East) Darius II and Roxane II
Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen 10/2/2004 Last Court, Coronation of Thorvald & Svava (East) Gaufred Kelson and Geneviere
Marieke van de Dal 10/30/2004 Crown Tournament (East) Thorvald and Svava
Katherine Barr of Cumberland 9/24/2005 Last Court, Coronation of Darius III and Roxane III (East) Gaufred Kelson II and Geneviere II
Brid nic Shéarlais 3/25/2006 Mudthaw, Afternoon Court (East) Darius III and Roxane III
Randal of the Dark 9/30/2006 Last Court, Coronation of Lucan VII and Yana IV (East) Brion II and Anna II
Edward Zifran of Gendy 9/15/2007 Crossroads at Canterbury / Autumn Champions at Arms (East) Griffyth and Aikaterine
Caitlin Davies 4/12/2008 Last Court (East) Andreas III and Gabriella
Lucan von Drachenklaue 9/27/2008 Last Court, Coronation (East) Konrad and Brenwen
Katherine Stanhope 10/25/2008 Crown Tournament (East) Darius IV and Alethea
Alys Mackyntoich 10/3/2009 Last Court, Coronation of Konrad II & Brenwen II (East) Andreas IV and Gabrielle II
William O Donovan of Monmouth 4/10/2010 Last Court (East) Konrad II and Brenwen II
Ferall von Halstern “Kingmaker” 4/2/2011 Coronation of Lucan VIII and Jana V (East) Lucan VIII and Jana V
Vissevald Selkirksson 1/28/2012 Market Day at Birka (East) Gregor III and Kiena
Krakken Gnashbone 7/14/2012    
Alexandre Lerot d'Avignon 3/23/2013 Mudthaw - afternoon court (Settmour Swamp) Edward II and Thyra
Tanaka Raiko 7/29/2013 Pennsic Wars XLII - Wednesday (AEthelmearc) Gregor IV and Kiena II
Johanna Dudley 2/8/2014 Maker's Faire (Carolingia) Kenric II and Avelina II
Gregor Heiseler 7/26/2014 Pennsic XLIII - Wednesday Great Court (AEthelmearc) Brennan and Caoilfhionn
Ygraine of Kellswood 9/27/2014 Coronation of Edward III and Thora II - First Court (Bergental)  
Uilliam Twit of Witlow 5/2/2015 Crown Tourney (An Dubhaigeainn) Omega V & Etheldreda IV
Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon 1/30/2016 Market Day at Birka (Stonemarche) Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II
Ruslan Novgorodcev 8/10/2016 Pennsic (AEthelmearc) Kenric III and Avelina III
Catrin o'r Rhyd Fôr 1/28/2017 Birka (Stonemarche) Brion III and Anna III
Mercedes Vera de Califia 10/7/2017 Last Court (Settmour Swamp) Ioannes and Honig

There are 25 award recipients.

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